Hundreds Of FBI Agents Say They’re Ready To Expose Obama & Comey

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Dozens of FBI agents vow to expose Obama and Comey

Hundreds of FBI agents are desperate for congressional subpoenas so they can testify about criminal acts committed by Barack Obama and James Comey.

According to sources within the bureau, FBI agents are desperate to tell Congress about how heavily politicized the FBI has become and how senior personnel at the agency attempted to prevent Trump from becoming President. reports: The subpoenas are desired by the FBI agents because it requires Congress to pay for their legal fees and protects them from agency retribution.

Many agents in the FBI want Congress to subpoena them so they can reveal problems caused by former FBI Director James Comey and former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, three people in direct contact with active field agents tell TheDC.

“There are agents all over this country who love the bureau and are sickened by [James] Comey’s behavior and [Andrew] McCabe and [Eric] Holder and [Loretta] Lynch and the thugs like [John] Brennan–who despise the fact that the bureau was used as a tool of political intelligence by the Obama administration thugs,” former federal prosecutor Joe DiGenova told The Daily Caller Tuesday. “They are just waiting for a chance to come forward and testify.”

Ahead of the release of the Department of Justice (DOJ) inspector general report on how the FBI handled the Clinton email investigation, TheDC spoke with DiGenova, a former Trump official who maintained contact with rank and file FBI agents and a counter-intelligence consultant who conducted an interview with an active special agent of the FBI’s Washington Field Office (WFO).

TheDC independently confirmed the veracity of the consultant’s position and access, and reviewed detailed transcripts of his Q&A with the special agent, who requested the arrangement due to internal dragnets and fear of vicious retribution.

These agents prefer to be subpoenaed to becoming an official government whistleblower, since they fear political and professional backlash, the former Trump administration official explained to TheDC.

The subpoena is preferred, he said, “because when you are subpoenaed, Congress then pays…for your legal counsel and the subpoena protects [the agent] from any organizational retaliation…. they are on their own as whistleblowers, they get no legal protection and there will be organizational retaliation against them.”

DiGenova — who along with his wife, Victoria Toensing, has represented government whistleblowers in the past — agreed, telling TheDC, “It’s an intelligent approach to the situation given the vindictive nature of the bureau under Comey and McCabe. I have no idea how to read Chris Wray, who is not a leader and who has disappeared from the public eye during this entire crisis. You know, he may be cleaning house but if he’s doing so, he’s doing it very quietly.”

He added, “I don’t blame them. I don’t blame the agents one bit. I think that the FBI is in a freefall. James Comey has destroyed the institution he claims to love. And it is beyond a doubt that it is going to take a decade to restore public confidence because of Comey and Clapper and Brennan and Obama and Lynch.”

The special agent out of WFO alleged that rank and file FBI agents are fed up and desperately want action from the DOJ, according to the transcripts.

“Every special agent I have spoken to in the Washington Field Office wants to see McCabe prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. They feel the same way about Comey,“ the special agent said, according to transcripts provided to TheDC.

“The administrations are so politicized that any time a Special Agent comes forward as a whistleblower, they can expect to be thrown under the bus by leadership. Go against the Muslim Brotherhood, you’re crushed. Go against the Clintons, you’re crushed. The FBI has long been politicized to the detriment of national security and law enforcement.”

The special agent added, “Activity that Congress is investigating is being stonewalled by leadership and rank-and-file FBI employees in the periphery are just doing their jobs. All Congress needs to do is subpoena involved personnel and they will tell you what they know. These are honest people. Leadership cannot stop anyone from responding to a subpoena. Those subpoenaed also get legal counsel provided by the government to represent them.”

The former Trump administration official explained the problems at the bureau go beyond just two people.

“They know that it wasn’t just Comey and McCabe in this case. That’s too narrow a net to cast over these guys. There’s a much broader corruption that seeped into the seventh floor at the bureau.”

“They ruined the credibility of the bureau and the technical ability of the bureau, so systemically, over the past several years, they’re worried about their organizational reputation and their professional careers,” this former Trump administration staffer said, noting the bureau’s difficulty in prosecuting cases these days.

“They go to court and they’re just laughed at.”

According to an analysis in Time Magazine earlier this month, the FBI has struggled with conviction rates for several years now after they send cases to the DOJ for prosecution. In less than half the cases the FBI sent to the Justice Department, the conviction rate was only 47 percent in 2017. This number is far below the mean of the 72 percent average for all other government agencies, according to Time.

In the meantime, DiGenova and the others who spoke to TheDC believe it is time for Congress to issue subpoenas to FBI agents who are willing to talk. According to DiGenova, the House and Senate Judiciary Committees can issue these subpoenas.

“Either one of those [committees] would be fine. I’m sure the committees could hold hearings in a New York minute,” he said.

He added, “I can assure you I’ve been approached by agents who want to be subpoenaed for the same reason the guys in the field,” adding, “All over this country there are agents but the big ones the ones that matter New York–Washington I can assure you I’ve spoken with agents who want to come forward.”


  1. The Corruption at the top of Both political parties is also a fact, and a huge problem.
    When you see both Republican houses investigation Trump, and no one investigates Clinton rigging the primary, or the Clinton foundation, then you know the leadership is in cahoots with the enemy. These idiots also spend money like drunken sailors, we are 20 trillion in debt, and yet every pet program is added onto every bill. These people are a waste of human flesh.

    • Please do not “INSULT SAILOR’s”. When you are stuck at sea for long periods of time, we sometimes do not have a choice…

    • How horrible that there were no investigations or hearings about Benghazi. Oh, wait that did happen, for months and months. But, How horrible that there were no investigations or hearings about the email servers. Oh, wait that did happen. During the campaign.How horrible that there were no investigations or hearings about Whitewater. Oh, wait that did happen. How horrible that there were no investigations or hearings about the Clinton Foundation. Oh, wait that did happen. How horrible that the primary was rigged and Sanders supporters stayed home thus giving the election to Trump. Oh, wait that did happen too.

      • 30 k deleted email….oops, lets drop that one…Private server for classified information….oops, didn’t really mean it…lets just drop it. Clinton foundation…..enough said.

  2. I hope they all come forward and expose the corrupted morons that Obama had running these agencies. There is absolutely no doubt they spied on Trump, they set him up with a Russian fairy tale, and even Mueller was a set up to try and take Trump down. It all started when Obama laid down their cover story for their spying on the Trump campaign, when he told us all that Russia was trying to hack our election, that was just the agreed upon cover story by corrupted Obama and intelligence officials. There is a reason Obama did nothing to Russia, and there is a reason the FBI didn’t take the DNC server they said was hacked, it was all a cover for their illegal spying activities and their insurance policy.

  3. These agents don’t need subpoenas to talk to the press. While waiting to address Congress, they should come out with details in the media. Perhaps this will spur Congress to subpoena them. Just being “ready” to talk does nothing.

    • And just think as tax payers we will have to feed and shelter there ass’s if there in jail , give them the ultimate penalty instead.

  4. Here we go again, all blow no go. we have been reading this shit for over a year now, one week it’s the Clintons and the next week it’s the Obamas, the following week it’s the FBI cmon enough with the bullshit, until something has really been done, until they have arrested the psychotic bitch Hillary or the turd that won’t flush Obama stop writing this bullshit.


  6. Let them testify….or shut up about it!!! They sure deserve to let the people hear their side. Some bad apples DON’T make the whole barrel rotten! They deserve the respect of their jobs…and let the public know they were NOT a part of the conspiracy.

  7. If they do not clean this up nobody will ever trust the FBI or the DOJ.” Justice for all”

  8. This is fake news. Without divulging to much, I am in touch with a few inside the agency and this is just not true.

    • Please provide proof that this is a fake story! I seem to hear that all the time from the left! I have friends that work at the FBI and yes this is true.

      • I’m not going to compromise the anonymity of my “friends”. But I have known them since childhood and they have never once given me false information. Believe me, they would love nothing more, but it’s just not true. This rumor is quite old.

      • It is fake because there are no reliable sources and the only named source is a former attorney for Trump – as short lived as that was. It is fake because there are NO agents who have come forth. Agents are not cowards. What do your “friends” do who work at the FBI? Are they agents? Are they custodial? Are they techs?

    • You will be disappointed, again. If you have a job involving tariff exports in manufacturing or agriculture you are now employment insecure. If you needed that tax break (‘needed’ means not rich) it will expire in five years and it was piddly anyway. If you want to see North Korea denuclearized before Trump is done, or Iran keep from being a nuclear power sooner than 2024 now that we are out of the “deal.” You will be as disappointed as an employee, building contractor or subcontractor or a banker or lawyer or former wife who expected full payment from Trump after service was rendered.

  9. When will all of this take place, or is this fake News. This is better then the T.V Series Scandal. Lets get it on and pop-In.

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