Our Country Is ‘Going To Hell’ Says Donald Trump

Fact checked
Donald Trump

Discussing Bidens SOTU address, former President Donald Trump said that America “is going to hell”

In an interview with ‘Mornings with Maria’ Trump talked about various topics including Biden’s State of the Union address, the president’s sinking approval ratings, taxes that will ‘kill the economy,’ and criminals ‘pouring in’ at the open borders.


  1. “My Kingdom is not of this World” Jesus. Adam and Eve were cast out of Paradise, into this world, and Adam was cursed with the punishment of having to work, and Eve with childbirth and insatiable desire for sex.

  2. Well Trump, you pulled your punches when you got elected, and this is the result of what you didn’t do. this is your fault. We elected you to “drain the swap” but you didn’t do that. Not one swamp creature was arrested. Not one.
    We can’t rely on you to get back in there just to do nothing again.
    We need arrests, trials and firing squads. Not “Q” and “white hats”

    • He not only failed to drain the swamp, he flooded his cabinet with swamp critters.

      Three false flags on his watch — Syria, Vegas and Covid — the covid shutdowns decimated non-essential business while big corporations made record profits. And then those god-damn clot shots and refusing to let us use safe and effective medicines. Screw you trump and the horse you rode in on.

      Trump and Fauci must be arrested and tried for genocide.

    • You need to understand the system. Americas democracy was SPECIFICALLY created to guarantee that no 1 person could EVER have Absolute power Unless you are realistic you will always be disappointed. That’s why a mob of people such as those Under Pope can COLLECTIVELY tale over when the people are unaware of how things are being done. Pope’s and Prince’s will. E the greatest threats to American democracy George Washington.
      That and the fact that the majority of the people are kept ignorant of reality by education and news.

  3. with that hair hat wig and plastic monkey suit plus the orange peel spray on tan he has to be kidding right?

  4. Now the motivations are being exposed Apart from obvious greed and the desire for toitarian fascism using corporate law from the Pope to Re the world by overthrowing Orthodox Russia the other lawful interests are being revealed Legislations concerning Internet cybersecufufy aka totalitarian fascism control, and regulations from Russias cryptocurrency dealings will bring them all under the Moral Authority of the Pope. Everything.
    And he’s a Jesuit subject to the King of Spain

    • Rule the world by overthrowing Orthodox Russia, and then Moslem Iran and then Buddhist China and then Hindu India All which will be a piece of cake for them once they have either Ruzsi or Chin u ded their bellt.

  5. First an intro


    Jesuits are bound by oath not to seek higher office in the Roman Catholic Church, and now one of them has been elected to its highest office: Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Christ, Pontifex Maximus.

    The Jesuits have played a key role in the history of the church. For centuries, they have served as its leading missionaries, founded its most prestigious universities and committed themselves to alleviating the deepest poverty.

    Jesuits are sometimes known as “God’s Marines,”

    — at 18,000 members, they are the church’s largest religious order .

    “Since their founding, Jesuits have consistently offended people … But if there’s a barricade in the street, there’s going to be a Jesuit on both sides of that barricade,” said David Collins, a history professor at Georgetown University.
    Remeber their birth let loose upon first Spain and then Europe the Inquisition, possibly the greatest most bloodthirsty organised crime against humanity ever conceived under the rule of law.
    And now Francis is the first Pope, the first Jesuit Pope.
    Since his Ordination the world has never experienced so much radical change in such a short time. The massive changes to Internet freedom to civil liberties, to social structures, to traditional family values, to sciences morality to financial markets, to gender, to law.
    And now to the very core of national. Identity as Russia, the bastion of Orthodoxy faces military opposition of a crushing nature.
    By Papal bull in the middle ages the Spanish Royal family were given half the world, that makes, by rule of law, the King is Spain the world’s richest and most Powerful man and now with his society of jesus Francis as Pope again that Bull has new significance to the course of history forevermore.
    Get the picture.

    • And for the non Catholics who don’t know and have never been told, every Catholic takes Communion to be registered legally as Catholic That Communion is actually a binding legal contract whereby they agree to be obedient to in effect the Church. They, or if a legal minor their custodian or guarantor takes that legal oath of obedience. It is a written contract, legally binding. So at the UN you have the King of Spain usually seated nect to his Pope, who is the Moral authority for rule of law, As a witness to who amongst the members are Catholic and who votes correctly and who is heretical. Understand?

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