‘PLEASE FORGIVE ME:’ Doctor Apologizes For Vaccinating Thousands With ‘Dangerous’ mRNA

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A leading pro-vaccine doctor has issued a desperate apology on social media, begging thousands of patients to forgive him for vaccinating them with the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA jab during the pandemic.

Writing in a viral post on his Facebook page, Dr. Syafiq Nordin told his tens of thousands of followers that he is “saddened” by his role in facilitating the disastrous Big Pharma roll out of the experimental mRNA vaccines which have since caused countless deaths and enormous suffering around the world.

Explaining that he has now seen the error of his ways, Dr. Nordin said he “would like to apologize a thousand times for the mistakes I had made in the previous years, especially to those who came to me during the mass COVID vaccination season.”

According to Dr. Nordin, recent revelations about the Covid mRNA vaccines including the fact they contain thousands of billions of DNA nanobots and data released by the German government reveals the so-called Covid pandemic was nothing more than smoke and mirrors and did not exist in reality.

Dr. Nordin has joined other medical professionals in waking up and admitting their previous mistakes regarding the Covid jabs, including Dr. John Campbell, Dr. Aseem Malhotra, Prof. Angus Dalgleish, and Dr. Drew, among others.

Titled, ‘PLEASE FORGIVE ME,” Dr. Nordin’s viral post reads as follows:

1. In light of the recent news about Pfizer, a weakness in the industry, which I am part of, has been revealed.

2. I feel saddened because, before meeting Dr. Razin Jaafar, there were many mistakes in the medical advice I provided, especially concerning COVID.

3. However, I am very grateful to him because I am now more open-eyed and more enlightened about health sciences, which honestly are more natural and fitting to my soul as a medical practitioner and as a Muslim.

4. During the past COVID times, it cannot be denied that it was difficult for healthcare workers who strived to provide the best health services, and even more difficult for the rest of the citizens facing the lockdown.

5. The administration of the vaccine at that time was seen as the best way, and the mass vaccination program was launched very quickly.

6. I was also involved, in my capacity, in giving medical advice and obtaining ‘consent’ so that the vaccine could be administered.

7. I, as a medical practitioner, also received 3 Pfizer vaccines.

8. Everything happened in a ‘touch & go’ manner, it was impossible for me to identify whom I had given medical advice related to this issue.

9. With this, I would like to apologize a thousand times for the mistakes I had made in the previous years, especially to those who came to me during the mass COVID vaccination season.

10. Honestly, I am incapable of assisting financially should complications occur.

11. However, I will try my best to provide more holistic medical advice, in line with the Restorative sciences brought by Dr. Razin.

I apologize, Malaysian Citizens!

Dr. Syafiq Nordin Restorative Medicine

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