Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago Suffers Most Violent Day In 60 Years With 18 People Gunned Down in 24 Hrs

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Eighteen people were fatally shot in one 24 hour period in Chicago, making it the most violent 24-hour period the city has experienced in the last 60 years, according to new data.

Eighteen people were fatally shot in one 24 hour period in Chicago, making it the most violent 24-hour period the city has experienced in the last 60 years, according to new data.

The news comes as Chicago’s far-left mayor Lori Lightfoot orders Chicagoans not to use guns to defend themselves even though the city has descended into lawlessness and chaos in recent weeks under her leadership.

Obviously we’re aware of the fact that Illinois is a concealed carry state, and that many people have weapons at their disposal in their homes and their businesses,” Lightfoot said. “Do not take matters into your own hands. Call the police.

However, many Chicago residents say they need to defend themselves as society continues to break down in the liberal city.

The University of Chicago Crime Lab said May 31 was the most violent day in the city since 1961, when the lab started keeping track of the data.

Previously, the record was August 4, 1991, when 13 people were killed in Chicago, the lab said.  

We’ve never seen anything like it, at all,’ Max Kapustin, Crime Lab senior research director told the Chicago Sun-Times of the number of fatal shootings on May 31. 

Kapustin added that ‘I don’t even know how to put it into context. It’s beyond anything that we’ve ever seen before.‘  

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said that 65,000 calls were made to the city’s 911 line – for all services, not just shootings. 

On a typical day in Chicago, only 15,000 are received by the city’s 911 operators.   

Overall that weekend, from May 29 at 7pm through May 31 at 11pm, 25 people were killed, while 85 people suffered shooting wounds, according to city data tabulated by the Chicago Sun-Times. 

Comparatively, in 2019, there were 492 murders and three fatal police-involved shootings in Chicago.

Anti-gun violence advocate Rev. Michael Pfleger, who leads Chicago’s St. Sabina Church, called the weekend following Floyd’s death ‘open season’ in his Auburn Gresham neighborhood, as well as in others on the South and West sides of the city.   

As with many other cities across the US, Chicago had been in the midst of George Floyd protests which sometimes involved violence, vandalism and looting.  

On Saturday and particularly Sunday, I heard people saying all over, “Hey, there’s no police anywhere, police ain’t doing nothing,”‘ Pfleger told the newspaper.  

Pfleger said that at some point, he ‘sat and watched a store looted for over an hour,’ without any police responding to the scene. It was the same story when he drove past other places that were getting looted. 

Kapustin noted that it’s not uncommon for police departments to have to divert resources to manning demonstrations during times of massive upheavals or protests.

When CPD has to turn its attention elsewhere and there’s suddenly this vacuum that opens up, you also unfortunately see a picture like you saw with [last] weekend where you see an absurd amount of carnage, people getting injured and killed,’ Kapustin said.  

Pfleger said that issues like joblessness, food insecurity and a lack of housing in minority communities, exacerbated during the coronavirus pandemic, plus Floyd’s death at the hands of Minnesota police, brought out ‘hopelessness and anger’ among those living in blighted neighborhoods.  

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. The Mayor of Chicago proved what type of dirt bag she is. Her incompetence is noted all over the USA… 49 Shot 9 dead just over Memorial Day Weekend and she could care less because she was send cops to arrest and stop churches from opening. Last weekend over 84 Shot and 24 Dead. Weeks Prior to throw some crap at the President because she thinks people are actually stupid enough to think she is of any consequence. The state is in the mess it is in because of Pritzker and Lightfoots incompetence not the Presidents or anyone else outside of this corrupt Illionis state.. Has anyone Notice the Local FakeNews does NOT show Chicago’s Mag Mile on Michigan Avenue of Miles of Broken Windows being Boarded up from Looting and Rioting. Total News Blackout in that Fact for the FakeNews Narritive of Peaceful Protests.. The Toyota Car Dealership on 63rd and Western in Chicago had 25 Cars Looted, One of which was Involved in a Armed Robbery and Car Chase that Let to a Car Accident that left Mom if 4 Dead and 2 Chicago Police Officers Injured. The Saturday night and Sunday Rioting and Looting was Organized, Planned they way they Hit the P harmacys, Bank ATMs, Many had rented Uhaul, Penski and Budget Moving Vans to Rob Best Buys, Designer Stores. It was a Act of Domestic Terrorism and had Cells of Foreign Gangs and Cartel doing the Crimes. On Sunday Night Mayor Lightfoot left allthe Bridges so the Rioting and Looting was Concentrated in the West and South Side. She let the West Side Burn.The City is arikk Harassing Church’s, Has Public Parks, Beaches Closed Still.. Time to not only Move from the City but time to Move to Another State like Wisconsin or Indiana.

  2. So what does this mean that if a Situation like Ferguson MO or Minneapolis Minnesota happens say every 4 years like a DNC & Broadcast News Prop there will be Riots on the West and South Side, But the Bridges will be up and National Guard Protecting Down Town? The Mayor let the West Side Burn, 25 New Cars got Looted and Stolen out of Toyota on Western avenue, One got caught up in a Armed Robbery that cause a Mom of 4 to Die in a Car Accident and 2 Chicago Police Officers Injured.. If I was Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Dollar General, Game stop and CVS, I would Not rebuilt in those Areas. It will happen ever 4 Years, The Corrupt Politicians Where a Day late and Dollar Short when responding. Just like the World Health organization response to the Corona Virus Covid-19 with No Proof of Human to Human Transmission Statement in January.

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