Russia Condemns Assassination Attempt On Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

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Moscow has slammed the assassination attempt on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

A statement from the Russian foreign ministry said: “We strongly condemn the assassination attempt on the President of Venezuela” adding that the use of terrorism is absolutely inappropriate for political purposes.

The Venezuelan leader was targeted in a failed assassination attempt, that was broadcast live on national TV. His public address at a military event in Caracas on Saturday was interrupted by approaching drones laden with explosives

RT reports: The message comes shortly after Venezuelan officials said explosives-laden drones were detonated near Maduro during a grand military parade in Caracas. It said, “these acts were obviously aimed to destabilize situation in the country,” in which the government and the ruling Socialist party are doing their utmost to revive the national economy.

“We are convinced that political reconciliation must only be carried out through peaceful and democratic procedures,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said, also expressing solidarity with all Venezuelans.

The assassination attempt took place on Saturday in the middle of Maduro’s address to the military. The drone attack, which interrupted his speech midway, was caught on film. Several bodyguards are seen covering the president with bulletproof shields amid the panic that ensued after the incident.

Maduro later emerged unharmed following the bombing attack, and said in a televised speech that an investigation into the incident has been launched and some of the suspected perpetrators have been apprehended. The president pinned the blame on far-right opposition and accused Colombia of being behind the attack.

Colombia’s Foreign Ministry has vehemently denied involvement in the attempt on Maduro’s life. In a strongly-worded statement, it called the claims “absurd” and “lacking all foundation.” However, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos also told AFP earlier this week that the days of Maduro in charge of the country were numbered.


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