FBI Docs Reveal Hillary Colluded With DOJ To ‘Bleach’ Server Of Evidence

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Newly released FBI documents show Hillary Clinton colluded with DOJ to bleach her server of evidence

Newly released FBI documents reveal that Hillary Clinton ‘negotiated’ with the DOJ to wipe her server clean of evidence during their email investigation.

Clinton’s lawyers worked with the DOJ over her “successor server” otherwise known as the Platte River Networks [PRN] server she famously ‘bleached.’

According to Jordan Schachtel, a National Security expert, the documents reveal that Clinton and her army of lawyers managed to convince officials at the DOJ and FBI to suppress certain bits of vital evidence.

The FBI isn’t too thrilled with the new discovery.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: FBI docs show a lot of back and forth between Hillary’s lawyers and DOJ over what the FBI could and could not see.

Why is the FBI negotiating evidence?


President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton sounded off.

If you are associated with President Trump, the FBI seizes evidence with door-busting raids, but if your name is Hillary Clinton, you can apparently negotiate with the FBI about what evidence they can and cannot see.

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