Couple Rescued From Remote Desert Island After SOS Is Spotted In Sand

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A couple stranded on a remote Micronesian island in the Pacific were rescued Friday after a U.S. Navy aircraft spotted their “SOS” sign in the sand.

The two mariners spent more than a week on an uninhabited island in Micronesia.

Rescuers looking for the pair were alerted to their location on Wednesday when a passing ship saw flashing lights coming from a deserted Chuuke State island.

island Daily News reports:

After the Navy spotted their cry for help, the crew reported the location to a nearby search and rescue team from Guam, ending a days-long search for the two marooned travelers.

“They are found and are waiting for a ship to take them home,” read a statement from the U.S. Embassy in Kolonia, the capital of the Federated States of Micronesia.

The survivors, identified by BBC as Linus and Sabina Jack, both in their 50s, were reported missing in the South Pacific on Aug. 19 after their 18-foot vessel left Webo Island two days earlier.

The pair were headed toward Tamatam Island, but never reached their destination.island

Teams had been looking for the couple and searched 16,571 square miles, deploying 15 boats and two aircraft crews, BBC reported.

The two had been stranded on the uninhabited Chuuk State island for eight days by the time they were rescued with “limited supplies and no emergency equipment on board,” according to the Coast Guard.island

In April, three men were rescued from another tiny, uninhabited Micronesian island, Fanadik, after their boat capsized merely two miles from shore.

The resourceful men used palm fronds to create a giant “Help” sign and were spotted by a U.S. Navy search team.

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