Hillary Clinton Urges Britain To Cease USA Trading While Trump Is President

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Hillary urges Britain to stop trading with the USA while Trump is President

Hillary Clinton has urged Britain to end all trade with the U.S. while President Donald Trump remains in office, in an astonishing interview with the BBC. 

The former U.S. presidential candidate warned British Prime Minister Theresa May that Trump cannot be trusted to honor a potential trade deal with Britain after it has left the European Union.

Moneycontrol.com reports: The British government has talked up the prospect of bilateral trade deals with the United States and others as one of the major benefits of leaving the EU following last year’s surprise referendum vote to leave.

Asked about the prospects of a British-U.S. deal, Clinton told the BBC: “You’re making a trade deal with somebody who says he doesn’t believe in trade, so I’m not quite sure how that’s going to play out over the next few years.”

British Prime Minister Theresa May visited Trump in January to talk trade. The countries share $200 billion of trade each year.

But May has since intervened in a dispute between U.S. aerospace firm Boeing and Canadian planemaker Bombardier, lobbying in the interests of Bombardier to try to protect jobs at its factory in Northern Ireland.

Clinton also said Britain would be at a “very big disadvantage” if divorce negotiations with the EU failed, and went on to compare the factors behind the Brexit vote to her own election loss.

“Looking at the Brexit vote now it was a precursor to some extent to what happened to us in the United States… The amount of fabricated, false information that your voters were given by the ‘Leave’ campaign,” she said.

She said her own presidential campaign was subject to similar treatment, citing the spread of false stories by online news outlets, and warned that Britain and other countries must be alert to the risks of such new media.

“The big lie is a very potent tool,” she said.


  1. Oh, forever thinking about what’s GOOD for the American people, eh Killery?! For the love of all that is just and Holy, would this cretin just get “suicided” like so many of her adversaries, already?! I am soo sick of her whining, lying, corrupt UGLY mug being plastered everywhere! STOP reporting on her, STOP giving the attention whore the attention she obviously so desperately needs and maybe, just maybe, she’ll finally just GO AWAY!!

    • Amen to that. Hillary needs to be suicides like she has done to so many people. Hillary needs to return to to its of he’ll wh s belongs. STOP reporting on this Hasbeen.

  2. I don’t think she is having any kind of breakdown. I believe this is who she is. She is classless, useless, and a true embarrassment to our country. Somehow, she needs to be made to shut up.

  3. I can’t figure out why so many still care about what she has to say. It is over, she is done. Go lay low and vacation with all the money you have illegally taken from people all over the world. Watch the Obama’s, take note.

  4. Treasonous talk. Is someone going to put this woman in jail? She is guilty of so many crimes–crimes even the news media admit, but she is still walking around lying and colluding and generally denigrating duly elected people.

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