Pentagon Lawsuit Video Proves 9/11 Cover Up

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A video has been posted online showing the explosion supposedly caused by American Airlines flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon on 9/11 – however the footage does not show an airplane causing the explosion.

The existence of the video was disclosed in 2002, but was then confiscated by the FBI. It has now been publicly released as the result of a lawsuit.

Anonnews reports:

Since I’ve been researching into September 11th, 2001, I’ve noticed peculiar things about the Pentagon that are very interesting like the Pentagon confiscating the video from the gas station across the street, and the video from a hotel had their video confiscated as well.

Pentagon plane

The gas station ended up suing to retrieve their video. Now, the Pentagon has many videos outside focused in on the parking lot and other aspects surrounding the building. Supposedly, there are 86 outside cameras. Only one 5 frame video was released to the public, and it barely showed a plane.

Many people wanted the Pentagon to release the other security tapes that was shot outside of the Pentagon. Well, that never happened.

Now, why would they confiscate video from the Gas Station from across the street on 09/11/01? Of course, they also confiscated video from the Sheritan National Hotel as well from what people have reported online.

Why confiscate their surveillance videos? Don’t they have enough cameras at the Pentagon? Was the confiscation of these videos to cover their tracks? I guess we may never know now. “Cover ups” seem to be an everyday occurrence these days.

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