Notorious ISIS Judge Killed In Coalition Bombing

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News reports indicate that the notorious ‘Slaughterer of Mosul’ has been killed during air-strikes on ISIS in Iraq.

ABNA reports:

Local sources in Nineveh Province report that international coalition jets pounded ISIS positions in western neighbourhoods of Mosul on Saturday, killing a notorious judge from the ISIS court.

ISIS Judge Abdullah Saffah, known as Abu Hafsa, was killed during the intense aerial raid. He was responsible for implementing Law in Mosul and had sentenced scores of people to death and stoning.

He was known as “The Slaughterer of Mosul” by locals.isis

ISIS put the western neighbourhoods of Mosul under curfew for a few hours after the airstrikes killed Abu Hafsa and several ISIS executioners.

The source added that ISIS militants executed eight Sunni tribal leaders in Mosul, accusing them of cooperating with Kurdish Peshmerga and Iraqi security forces.

The execution, as usual, took place in public. Furthermore, on Saturday December 26th, 19 residents of the city were sentenced to death for violating ISIS rules and watching satellite TV channels at home.

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) official from Mosul Saeed Mamuzini said that watching satellite channels is completely banned inside ISIS territories.

Mamuzini confirmed that the 19 civilians were executed at the Ghazlani military base, in a western suburb of Mosul.

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