NFL Insists Vaccine ‘Not To Blame’ for Fully Jabbed Player Who Had Heart Attack on TV

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NFL insists vaccine not to blame for fully jabbed player's massive heart attack

The NFL has slammed ‘conspiracy theorists’ for suggesting that the Covid vaccine is responsible for Damar Hamlin’s massive heart attack on live television earlier this week.

According to the NFL, it’s just a coincidence that Hamlin and hundreds of other athletes have suffered unusually high adverse cardiac events in recent years.

“It’s very rare to happen. It requires the perfect storm,” Washington-based cardiologist Khalid Aljabri told Sky News.

“It’s a condition that can result in sudden cardiac death when a high impact, blunt blow to the chest in front of the area of the heart occurs at the right moment – a very small window within the cardiac rhythm cycle,” he insisted.

“Now, there are people talking about the possibility that he had some kind of silent subclinical myocarditis that’s associated with a COVID vaccine,” he said.

“That would be at the very bottom of my differential diagnosis.”

Sky News reports: Mr Aljabri added: “We have a witnessed direct, blunt trauma to the chest, a witnessed loss of consciousness within seconds, a confirmed shock rhythm because he needed to be shocked with a defibrillator. All of that, plus, hopefully the absence of any existing structural disease, will make the most likely diagnosis of commotio cordis, a confirmed one.”

Hamlin’s recovery will depend on the length of time his body was deprived of oxygenated blood. Doctors opted to treat him where he collapsed for ten minutes before moving him. His heart was restarted in this period.

Plea to learn CPR

“We witnessed what rapid CPR and defibrillation can do,” Mr Aljabri said.

“So please, if you can take training in basic life support or advanced cardiac life support, then do.

“This can happen anywhere: in gyms, in malls and stadiums that are becoming increasingly equipped with defibrillators that are very easy to use.

“And you never know when you might be in a position where you can save somebody’s life.”

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