Bernie Sanders Walks Out of News Interview

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Bernie Sanders leaves news interview

Bernie Sanders hastily and suddenly walked out of a recent news interview with a local Arizona news station.

According to the news anchor conducting the interview, Senator Sanders seemed upset after being asked a question about controversial Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Though in the video shown, Sanders does, in fact, answer the question – which is never heard on screen but claimed by the news station to be regarding Sanders’ wife, Jane, and her visit to the infamous “tent city”.

For those of you who don’t know, sheriff Joe Arpaio is the very controversial overseer of a prison in Maricopa County, Arizona known as “tent city”. It is deemed by some, Senator Sanders included, as inhumane.

Feeling The Bernie Sanders “Bern”

The interview was going smoothly until Bernie Sanders was asked about his wife, Jane. Sanders claims in his fast response that the sheriff crashed her meeting with the prison staff. Immediately afterwards, the Senator says nothing and gets up out of his chair, takes his microphone off and leaves.

The Presidential hopeful’s camp says that Bernie Sanders simply left due to a time issue and that the reporters’ four allotted minutes were over. In the video, the reporter can be heard saying “[You’re] the first candidate to ever leave.”

Watch the video below and tell us what you think: did Sanders leave simply due to a time issue? Or was the senator angered by the question?

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