Thousands of Canadians Rise Up and Chant ‘F*ck Trudeau – Lock Him Up!’ During Campaign Stop

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Thousands of Canadians rise up and chant 'lock him up' at Justin Trudeau

Thousands of Canadians rose up to reject Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a recent campaign stop in Ontario.

Protestors gathered outside a venue during his campaign stop to express their disgust at his ‘woke’ policies.

The crowd chanted “F*ck Trudeau” during the event.

“Group of people shouted, ‘F— Trudeau’ in Cambridge, Ontario as he is campaigning for the snap election,” journalist Andy Ngo noted on Twitter.


The Trudeau campaign had to switch venues at the last minute to avoid the large protests. reports: The protesters were not fans of the prime minister.

They had several chants including “Lock him up!” outside his rally.

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