Department of Defense Commander’s Wife Caught Naked in Car With School Boy at 3am

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Erin Ward, the 45-year-old woman who was found naked in a car with her student, is married to Department of Defense commander William Douglas “Doug” Ward, a new investigation has revealed.

Erin Ward was charged with felony sexual abuse for hooking up with the teenage boy, who is the same age as her daughter, in her husband’s car.

Her husband “Doug” Ward is a high-ranking government official who was recently appointed Deputy Director of the Commander’s Action Group and Senior Nuclear Deterrence Advisor at the United States Strategic Command.

The husband of Nebraska substitute teacher Erin Ward has been revealed as Doug Ward, 53, a U.S. Department of Defense employee

Daily Mail reports his LinkedIn shows he worked with the Strategic Command since 2005 and initially served as a Deputy Branch Chief.

The Strategic Command, which is headquartered in Omaha, is a military unit that detects and deters attacks against the country and its allies.

In addition to his impressive job title, Doug graduated from the Harvard Extension School in 2021 with a master’s degree in political science and government.

The father of three, pictured here with his family, was appointed Deputy Director of the Commander’s Action Group with the United States Strategic Command in February

His wife Erin, a school teacher, was found naked at 3 am in a car with a naked teenage boy. Ward reportedly admitted to having sex with the teen boy who was her student at Burke High School in Omaha.

Around 3 a.m., Douglas County deputies were called to investigate a suspicious car parked on a dead-end road.

There, they found Ward and the victim inside a Honda Pilot ‘determined to be owned by Ward and her spouse,’ the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office wrote in a press release.

The 17-year-old jumped into the drivers seat and sped off in the SUV, crashing into a yard two blocks away. He then fled on foot, wearing only a t-shirt, boxers and socks, and was found about an hour later.

Ward was getting dressed in the back seat when deputies approached.

They recovered an Omaha Public Schools employee ID from inside the car. Ward confirmed she was a substitute teacher at Burke, where the teen was enrolled, and admitted to having sexual intercourse with him.

Ironically, Doug Ward has “liked” multiple posts condemning child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church.

Perhaps he should be more focused on issues closer to home.

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