Calais ‘Jungle’ Refugee Camp On Fire After Paris Terror Attacks

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A huge blaze broke out at the Calais migrant camp called the ‘jungle’ just hours after the Paris terrorist attacks.

The Mayor Of Calais confirmed that the refugee camp had been set on fire

Pictures and videos of the fire at the northern French port were shared on social media at around 11pm. The fire started following the attacks in Paris, which were described as an “act of war” by French President Francois Hollande, referring to the so called Islamic State.

The Mirror reports:

One aid worker told Mirror Online that around 40 shelters were destroyed when an ‘absolutely massive’ fire broke out in a Sudanese area. One video shows emergency service vehicles arriving at the camp, which houses around 6,000 migrants – mainly young men from Syria and North Africa. Last night a local anti-migrant group known as ‘The Angry of Calais’ also posted videos of the inferno on Facebook. That sparked speculation the blaze could be connected to events in Paris – but it is still unclear what caused the fire or whether it was a ‘revenge’ attack.

A statement said: “The authorities allowed the far right to hold a demonstration last Sunday, inciting racial hatred, making death threats, and burning a Qu’aran in the middle of boulevard Jacquard (Calais’ main street).

“In the evening 5 nazis wearing hoods went to attack migants near the Eurotunnel. These events made many people in the jungle understandably very angry and we suspect that this was linked to the reasons for the riot.”

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