Syrian Rebels Receive CIA Weapons Capable Of Downing Planes Above 10Km

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Reports claim that the CIA with the help of Turkey and Saudi Arabia have provided Syrian rebels with weapons capable of bringing down passenger jets flying over 30,000 feet.

According to a report by the free French news website, Boulevard Voltaire, certain ‘select’ Syrian rebels have acquired anti-aircraft weapons capable of shooting down high-flying aircraft.

All the latest Toyota trucks or anti-tank missiles where delivered to ISIS via a network of Syrian rebels, some vetted by the CIA as friendly and others not so much. Russia might be mightily pissed off if the above claims are true following the investigation into the downing of Russian Airbus A321 in the Sinai Peninsula.

Fars News reports:

The fact that Syrian rebels fighting against Bashar al-Assad, a Russian ally, had CIA-sponsored weapons capable of downing a commercial airliner flying above 10,000 meters, makes a very uncomfortable situation for the US government amid the crash of the Airbus A321 operated by the Russian airliner Kogalymavia on October 31, Hildegard von Hessen am Rhein wrote for Boulevard Voltaire.jihadists

“I really wonder how John Kerry can still look Sergei Lavrov straight in the eye during the [upcoming] talks on Syrian reconciliation in Vienna,” Hildegard said, according to Boulevard Voltaire, adding that the United States treats Russia as if it was Honduras or Grenada.

The main question is could these rebels shoot down the Russian Airbus A321 in the Sinai Peninsula using a weapon that Turkey or Saudi Arabia provided as per CIA orders?

Shoulder-launched man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADs) were delivered to Syrian opposition forces to fight against the Syrian Army, loyal to President al-Assad. Although the US government says that these lethal weapons were only given to certain “moderate” Syrian rebels, there isn’t a guarantee that one of these weapons might have ended up in the hands of more radical jihadists.

There are documented cases of US-weapons provided to “moderate” rebels that then ended up being used by ISIL and the al-Nusra Front. The CIA also delivered anti-tank TOW missiles and new Toyota jeeps to transport jihadists.


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