Bette Midler Trashes Thanksgiving, Says ‘Pilgrims Were Undocumented Aliens From Europe’

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President Donald Trump’s “uncontrollable” jealousy of Barack Obama will lead to “thousands of premature deaths,” according to Bette Midler.

Bette Midler joined other Hollywood stars in spending their Thanksgiving trashing the national holiday, posting a meme that denigrated the pilgrims as “undocumented aliens from Europe.”

In a tweet on Thursday, Bette Midler posted a meme showing a pilgrim and an Indian sharing a turkey in what appears to be a depiction of the first Thanksgiving in 1621. The meme’s snarky caption reads: “Celebrating the day Americans fed undocumented aliens from Europe.”

Midler recently starred in Disney’s Hocus Pocus 2, a complete reversal of the original 1993 movie “Hocus Pocus”. In the original, the Satan worshipping, child-eating witches are the villains, for obvious reasons. But in Hocus Pocus 2, they are celebrated as empowered women… even though they keep wanting to lure and eat children.


It should come as no surprise that Midler’s Thanksgiving meme inaccurately depicts what actually transpired between the Plymouth colony pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians at the first Thanksgiving feast.

Breitbart report: Historical accounts show that both the pilgrims and Indians contributed food to the meal, with the pilgrims hunting fowl and the Indians bringing deer. They also feasted on the vegetables that the pilgrims grew with the help of the Indians.

While wild turkey might have been featured at the first Thanksgiving, they would more likely have dined on geese, duck, and other game. Some historians believe that seafood was also served, given the colonist’s proximity to the ocean.

Bette Midler isn’t the only celebrity to trash Thanksgiving this year. Fellow Hollywood star John Leguizamo took to Twitter on Sunday to proclaim, “Happy indigenous survivor’s day! F*ck thanksgiving!”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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        • You should grow up and give your anti semitic anti Christian anti God condemnations a reassesment and remind yourself that the Jews are God’s Chosen people are Jesus people and it is not your job to judge them To put yourself above God.

          • You have to finish the story, the Jews broke the covenant one too many times. God sent Jesus down for a final attempt, but they killed him.
            They are Fake Jews that call themselves Jews but they are the bloodline of Cain, the serpent seed. They are NOT chosen ones, they call themselves chosen ones, but they are NOT.

          • Kanye West is 100% correct. Why are there so many dual citizen politicians in our government, but it is not allowed in the Israeli government? hmmm.
            Why are laws being passed that violate our constitutional speech rights regarding Israel? because we have dual citizen traitors in our government.

      • Should we have an adult conversation about the Jews moving into Palestine and taking over the government there?

        • No That’s your idee fixation Ypur fantasy land of nazi origins. The stories about the invasion of North America by white supremacists who have treated the aunduans abominably. Absolutely atrociously. Not about your pet scapegoat tactics.

          • Funny thing you should mention the Nazis and Palistine. A buried portion of history reveals that Hitler was actually funding and encouraging migration of German Jews to Israel. He made a nazi coin of it. Look it up. History is not all what it told to us. There was something more sinister than most realize about the “holocaust” and Hitler’s blood line to the Rothschilds, and the funding of the Nazi movement and the funding of the Communist movement. You would be shocked and confused what you find out.

  1. So, it’s official then: Demonicrats are total wackoos who have lost not only the real narrative but deny their own likewise corrupted doings with illegal immigrants!

    And yes, Josey Whales is right! These djoos are massmurdering Palestinians since 1947 up until today. The Israeli state is a Organized Crime Syndicate committing terrorism on a grand scale. It’s their Core-Business in the world of ‘goyim’.

  2. Hollyweirders require attention to stay relevant. Stop giving it to them and when you do, they will in fact, just go away.

  3. So many of these bigots forget that the pilgrims are not to blame for what happened to indigenous peoples. The wicked continue to blame them because their kind hate the righteous. Only half of those that got off the Mayflower were pilgrims. It was the king of England that started all the killing. That is why the pilgrims immigrated. He was killing them too.

  4. Native Indians were savages not capable of winning a war. Maybe if they had not spent centuries fighting, killing, and enslaving, each other they might have been strong enough to fight back. America was founded on violence as 99.9% of countries were. That is just the way it is. Nothing out of the ordinary about our founding. God bless America. We are not perfect, but we are the best in the world. I would not want to live anywhere else. I had a great Thanksgiving with my family and plan on having plenty more.

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