Trump Slams ‘Crazy Nancy’ Pelosi & FBI Traitors

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President Donald Trump fired back at ‘Crazy Nancy’ after she alleged that he had thrown a temper tantrum at an earlier policy meeting.

Trump called an unexpected press conference last week to blast House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who had accused him of masterminding a “coverup.”
He then canceled an infrastructure meeting with Democratic congressional leaders, saying he wouldn’t work with them while they kept him under investigation

RT reports: In a press conference on Thursday afternoon, Trump defended his sanity and fitness for office, after it was questioned by Pelosi in the wake of a bipartisan meeting on infrastructure spending on Wednesday. Pelosi claimed that the meeting went awry when Trump pounded on the table and stormed out of the door. Pelosi then called for “intervention” by Trump’s family and administration “for the good of the country,” saying that she would “pray” for the president and the nation.

Trump’s alleged outburst was prompted by Pelosi’s accusations of a cover-up in the Mueller probe she made before the meeting. Trump’s description of his exchange with Pelosi on Thursday was exactly the opposite: he told reporters at the White House that it was “Crazy Nancy” who “lost it”.

Cryin’ Chuck, Crazy Nancy … I watched Nancy and she was all crazy yesterday

Trump added that he has been watching Pelosi for a while. “She is not the same person. She has lost it,” he said.

The president, meanwhile, remains “an extremely stable genius”, by his own estimate.

Trump, known for having a catchy nickname for each of his political adversaries, has had trouble coming up with a proper one for Pelosi. Having coined “Crooked Hillary”, “Low-IQ Maxine” and “Sleepy Joe”, Trump was even mocked for his failure to devise something more catchy after he told CNN in January that his nickname for Pelosi was… “Nancy.”

In the end, Trump defaulted to something he has used before for high-profile Democrats like “Crazy Joe Biden” and “Crazy Bernie [Sanders].”

Pelosi was quick to return the blow by picking at Trump’s self-praise. “When the “extremely stable genius” starts acting more presidential, I’ll be happy to work with him on infrastructure, trade and other issues,” she tweeted.

Apart from taking a swipe at Pelosi, Trump minced no words as he went on a strongly-worded tirade against former FBI leaders. Asked to name those he considers to be guilty of treason, Trump went down a list of names that included former FBI Director James Comey, Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who ordered an investigation into Trump’s potential obstruction of justice, as well as FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page. Both were a part of a “counterintelligence investigation” into Trump, their anti-Trump bias exposed in leaked text messages.

“They wanted an insurance policy so that should [Hillary Clinton], for any reason, lose, remember, 100 million to one, maybe he said 100 million to nothing. But should she lose, we’ll have an insurance policy and we’ll get this guy out of office. That’s what they said and that’s what they meant. That’s treason. That’s treason,” Trump said.

He claimed that Democrats are attempting the same trick again by subpoenaing his financial statements and seeking his tax records. Trump argued that if there was any wrongdoing on his part, it would have been already uncovered by the $40 million Mueller probe.

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