Police Take Down Australia’s Largest Child Sex Ring

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Police bust one of Australia's largest child sex rings

Federal authorities in Australia have taken down the country’s biggest child sex ring, according to reports.

The massive pedophile ring was busted after shocking footage of men raping young boys was shared on the dark web.

Nine men were arrested across Australia on Thursday after they were caught raping children and sharing horrific videos of their crimes online.

Two of the men – aged 21 and 26 – were charged with raping eight children between the ages of four and seven in Kendall, where missing boy William Tyrrell was last seen in September 2014.

Yahoo News reports: Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Northern Command Lesa Gale told reporters on Friday police believe they’ve cracked: “the biggest domestic child exploitation network uncovered in recent times”.

She also made a plea to parents.

“Today I plead – I plead to the parents who are listening here now, many who cannot bear to hear this type of offering, please do not walk away from your television, please do not turn the volume down,” Comm Gale said.

“Please turn the volume up. We need you to listen, we need you to be vigilant. Child exploitation in Australia is becoming more prolific. The victims are getting younger and younger. This type of offending is becoming more violent and brazen.”

She added the Australian Federal Police don’t want to have to tell parents their child is the victim of sexual abuse or exploitation.

“But this is not the case for the parents and guardians of up to 14 young victims identified through Operation Arc Stone,” she said.

“There could be more, and we believe that there are. We are painstakingly reviewing material.”

The child sex ring was operating in the same NSW town, Kendall, where William Tyrrell mysteriously disappeared in 2014.

A NSW Police spokesman said the child sex ring arrests are not believed to be related to William Tyrell’s disappearance at this stage.

Comm Gale said while the cases were not believed to be linked, she was unable to say if the men were in the town of 1000 people when William went missing.

The two men, who face child exploitation and child harm charges, appeared in Kempsey Magistrates Court on Friday.

It’s alleged that some of their victims were family members.

Police have uncovered evidence that the men’s alleged offending began in 2018, but it may have started earlier.

One of the men previously worked at a child care centre in the Kendall area but left his position in 2018.

Neither had a criminal record before they were arrested.

Arrests part of larger national operation

The arrests are part of a broader national operation with previous arrests in Queensland, NSW and Western Australia.

In total, nine men aged in their 20s have been arrested in relation to the child abuse that was filmed, photographed and shared online.

Six are from NSW, one is from Hervey Bay in Queensland, and one is from Western Australia. 

They all remain before the courts.

The Hervey Bay man was arrested in April.

Comm Gale said officers have followed the “breadcrumbs” since.

One Sydney man charged is understood to be a soccer coach.

Comm Gale said the men’s alleged offending and evidence gathered had shaken some of the AFP’s most seasoned officers.

She said some of the alleged offenders knew each other outside the online child sex ring.

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