The Global Elite Are Preparing To Launch “Climate Change Lockdowns”

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The global elite are preparing to launch climate lockdowns

The global elite are preparing to implement “climate change lockdowns” which will be like Covid-19 lockdowns on steroids.

According to journalist Jack Posobiec, while it seems the elite are preparing for Pandemic Panic Theater 2.0, they are also preparing to engage in their longer-term goal of “Climate Change Lockdowns.” reports: As Posobiec and many of us have been saying for months, the dress rehearsal of Covid-19 was to set us up for the all-encompassing manufactured agenda surrounding climate change. This has been the goal of globalists at the World Economic Forum, Council for Inclusive Capitalism, and similar groups for decades. They’ve worked tirelessly to recruit and indoctrinate the masses to not only comply but to participate in efforts to make climate change the universal factor in every decision made by governments, corporations, and citizens.

Watch Posobiec describe what he’s seeing:

Climate change hysteria is an existential threat. The globalist elites are using it as the ultimate control factor, the skeleton key that can unlock every door necessary to exact totalitarianism over the masses. And many will comply willingly, even gleefully.


  1. Anyone who uses their internet to actually find out what’s happening in the world outside of the English box from Google soon understands that Africas rising and Indias had enough of patronising too.Australian aboriginals ,Maori new zealanders and the Caribbean islands are
    all starting a revolt against

    the Crown really Just go to Gravitas,England stole 45 TRILLION from us ,and they got rich from it and we got taxes and cricket and their “democracy “.Africa was taken for even more Thays where all the huge country mansions came from The houses fill of english peasant servants dusting the ivory and polishing the diamonds and rubies and cleaning the zebra skins and lions heads all cane from .

    because the msm in those countries are hiding it as best they can just builds the pressure from below and raises the danger levels .African nations are getting very vocal and
    they’re coming out very
    publicly. Indias saying ,ok

    • And now hackers have intercepted the comments box and just erased the bottom .totallybmidedcthat up Their usual tricks.
      Point is globally theres growing discontent which is being hidden from the world and everythings been stage managed to deceive the world ,but that’s why they want to keep lockdown in place, To protect the guilty .

  2. WW3 is what theyre launching .Already that truss creature has says age will use nuclear weapons without hesitations her duty and , I heard her her say it ,without any emotion
    It most likely will be launched this Saturday with a massive strike on Russia or alternatively upon Ukraine but by them and blamed on Russia. .
    From that hell will be launched onto our world unlike anything ever before . The worst imaginable is about to start .

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