London Mayor Tells Civil Servants Not to Call ‘Illegal Migrants’ Illegal Migrants

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London Mayor

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has just issued some woke language guidance to civil servants demanding that they no longer use the term “illegal migrants”

The far left Mayor has told staff that illegal migrants must now be referred to as “undocumented” migrants or people “with insecure immigration status”.

He has also banned his staff from using the phrase ‘ladies and gentlemen’ as part of a new inclusivity drive, His guide argues that “men and women” should be switched to “people” or “Londoners”

Orwellian Newspeak?

Breitbart reports: Rather than focus on issues facing Londoners, such as rampant crime and high cost of living, Mayor Sadiq Khan saw fit to spend his time ensuring that bureaucrats under his charge abide by politically correct language codes on gender and migration.

In a document seen by The Sun, London City Hall workers were told last April that they should no longer refer to people that break into the country illegally as illegal migrants, suggesting to call them undocumented or people with “with insecure immigration status”. It goes on to say that asylum seekers should be called “people seeking asylum”.

“Remember, we are all Londoners. Don’t make a distinction between ‘migrants’ and ‘Londoners’,” the document said, adding that EU nationals should be referred to as “European Londoners and their families” and that “non-English speaker” should be changed to “Londoners with English language needs”.

On Tuesday, the pro-mass migration mayor was lampooned on social media after for saying that a report revealing that many migrants in Lodon are being exploited in conditions akin to modern slavery was “shocking” to him. Many migrants who are exploited are, as Khan would put it, “undocumented”: Khan demanded that the national government do something about it.“This should shock you. Right now in London, migrant workers are being exploited, forced to work in conditions consistent with modern slavery. The Govt needs to take urgent action to put a stop to this clear violation of employment rights,” Khan said.


  1. They love getting free people It’s just business principles They come as adults, some other states or nations invested in their education and healthcare and now have lost the returns from their productivity and taxes and spending.
    Each ones worth significant earning Countries losing thousands tens of thousands are literally losing billions. And vice versa And the profiteers can act as if benevolent and charitable
    Nothing is what it seems
    And I recall distinctly as a child around 10 to 12 being really annoyed actually about all this gender role stereotyping I thought it was stupid and limiting restricting and unrealistic.

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