California Forced To Scrap Bill Allowing Kids To Have Covid Jabs Without Parental Consent

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California covid jabs

A California bill that would have allowed children get ‘vaccinated’ against covid without parental consent was scrapped last week after failing to generate sufficient support.

The bill’s author, Democratic State Senator Scott Wiener, has blamed a “small but highly vocal and organized minority of anti-vaxxers” for stopping the legislation.

SB 866 would have allowed teens 15 and above to recieve any vaccine approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, without parental knowledge or approval.

Lifesite news reports: If the legislation had passed, California children would have been able to receive the experimental mRNA COVID-19 jabs even if their parents objected. The FDA and CDC have both approved the Pfizer and Moderna jabs for children and babies ages six months and up.

A coalition of groups dedicated to pushing back against coercive vaccine mandates slammed the bill as a “blatant, dangerous trampling of California parents’ and guardians’ ability to protect and care for their children.”

In a statement on his website, Sen. Wiener argued the legislation would build “on existing law, which currently allows minors 12 and over to make choices about their bodies around reproductive healthcare.”

Wiener noted that under current California law, children ages 12 and up may already receive the HPV and hepatitis B vaccines without parental approval, and can also obtain birth control and kill their unborn babies without notifying their parents.

According to the California senator, SB 866 would have expanded “the autonomy young people over 12 already have over their sexual health” and “receive additional life-saving vaccines if they choose.”

However, the bill failed to garner sufficient support even to come before the State Assembly for a vote.

Sen. Wiener announced Wednesday that the proposal would be shelved, accusing a “small but highly vocal and organized minority of anti-vaxxers” of derailing his effort to circumvent parental approval for vaccines.

“The anti-vaxxers may have prevailed in this particular fight, but the broader fight for science and health continues,” he said in a statement, arguing that the bill’s opponents engaged in “months of harassment and misinformation” before the measure was ultimately tossed out.


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