CIA Run Ads On Radio Looking For Potential Recruits

Fact checked

The CIA have been running radio advertisements looking to hire in Atlanta for positions within the Agency’s National Clandestine Service division. reports:

According to the CIA’s website employees in that part of the Agency “serve on the front lines of the human intelligence collection business by clandestinely recruiting and handling sources of foreign intelligence.”

Minimum requirements include a bachelor’s degree and an excellent academic record, with a strong interest in international affairs and solid interpersonal and communications skills. Foreign travel, foreign language proficiency, and prior residency abroad, military experience, a background in Central Eurasian, East Asian and Middle Eastern languages, and degrees and experience in international economics and business, as well as in the physical sciences, are preferred.

Pay is between $50,839 and $70,558.

The ads tout the CIA’s extensive training and generous pension.

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