CBS Staffer Assaults Independent Journalist Outside Trump Arraignment: “We Will KILL Trump Supporters”

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CBS staffer beats independent journalist to a bloody pulp

A CBS News staffer was filmed brutally attacking independent journalist Oren Levy outside Donald Trump’s arraignment in New York on Tuesday.

Levy is a photojournalist who often tweets viral clips under the Twitter handle @ViralNewsNYC.

In the footage, a large black sound-man can be seen grabbing and shoving Levy while repeatedly shouting “Don’t f*ck with me.” As the two men are seperated, the man then warns Levy: “I will kill you!” reports: The assailant was part of the crew with Roxana Saberi, covering the arraignment for CBS News.

“I was filming George Santos, a huge crowd of cameras were around him. The guy that hit me started telling me I should move. He also tried to push my coffee of my hand and was elbowing me in the back. I told him to chill then he attacked me,” Levy told The Post Millennial.

In reponse to the attack, Benny Johnson tweeted “What if it’s the media who is really the one inviting violence?”

The assailant has been identified on Twitter but The Post Millennial has not independently verified his identity at the time of publication.

No arrest was made.

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