Impeachment Manager Compares Trump to 9/11 Terrorists and Nazi Germany

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Democrat impeachment manager Hakeem Jeffries compares Trump to 9/11 terrorists and Nazi Germany

Democrat House impeachment Manager Hakeem Jeffries argued on Friday that Trump’s impeachment trial was like fighting al-Qaeda terrorists after 9/11 and thwarting Nazi Germany during World War II.

“Whenever America has found itself in a tough spot, we always make it to the other side,” the New York Representative said.

“We were in a tough spot in December of 1941 when a foreign power struck, plunging us into a great conflict with the evil empire of Nazi Germany, but America made it to the other side.”

“We were in a tough spot on September 11th when the towers were struck, and young men and women like Jason Crow were sent to Afghanistan to fight the terrorists there, so we didn’t have to fight the terrorists here, and we made it to the other side,” Jeffries continued. reports: The remarks by Jeffries come on the Democrats’ last day to make their case for removing Trump from office.

“If the House managers take all of their time, the White House lawyers — led by Pat A. Cipollone, the White House counsel, and Jay Sekulow, the president’s personal lawyer — will have the chance to deliver their oral arguments defending the president starting on Saturday, Jan. 25. Senate rules that date back more than three decades hold that during impeachment, senators must meet six days a week, taking only Sunday off,” The New York Times reported. “If the debate over rules was any guide, the president’s lawyers may take far less than their allotted 24 hours. But if they took it all, they would complete their presentation on Tuesday, Jan. 28.”

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