UK Home Office To Dump 400 Migrants At Hotel In Small English Village Of 500

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A decision by the Home Office to open up a migrant centre in a hotel in a sleepy English village has been met with outrage.

The residents of the village of Creaton, who weren’t even consulted about the decision, expressed their “fear” over plans to put 400 migrants into the former Highgate House Hotel during a meeting with West Northants Council

According to the 2011 census, the village is home only to around 500 people to begin with.

Breitbart reports: The plans to use the hotel, which has recently come under new ownership, was unilaterally decided in December by the Home Office, which allegedly did not consult with local officials or indeed the residents of the area.

A spokesman for the WNC said in comments reported by the local Northampton Chronicle & Echo that “[the Home Office] have not consulted us, they have done it to us. We are being badly treated and through [Conservatie Party Member of Parliament] Chris Heaton Harris we need to make as much noise as we can.”

“You couldn’t pick a worse location to put 400 people — slap bang in the middle of a village… The decision has been very much out of our control,” the spokesman added.

Locals were also angered by the fact that neither the Home Office nor Serco — the controversial private corporation frequently tasked by the government with managing migrant centres, in exchange for very substantial sums of money — did not send a representative to the council meeting.

“The Home Office is treating us with abject disdain. We talk about democracy, they should have the decency to come and talk to us and give us answers,” one resident said. “This is a shambolic process.”

“We are a caring community, it’s just the numbers frightening us,” another added.

There are already around 163 asylum seekers staying in the nearby Ibis Rugby East Hotel.

The practice of housing often illegal migrants in hotels became common practice during the Chinese coronavirus crisis, which coincided with record numbers of boat migrants crossing the English Channel.

Brexit leader Nigel Farage, who originally exposed the scheme at scale, said last month that there are currently over 40,000 migrants being put up at taxpayer expense in at least 419 hotels across the country at a cost of up to £7 million per day.

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