The Pope Urges Prayers for Ukrainian People Who Are ‘Without Light & Heat’

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Pope Francis

The Pope has once again called for prayers for the long suffering Ukrainian people.

“Let us not forget our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. They suffer a great deal because of the war” Pope Francis told crowds gathered in Saint Peter’s Square Sunday for his weekly Angelus address.

“This Christmas at war, without light, without heat, they are suffering a lot! Please, let us not forget them,” he pleaded.

Breitbart reports: Making reference to an image of the Virgin Mary present in the Vatican crèche, the pope went on to underscore the sufferings of the mothers of fallen soldiers.

“And today, seeing Our Lady who is holding the infant in the Nativity scene, who nurses him, I think of the mothers of the victims of war, of the soldiers who have fallen in this war in Ukraine,” he said. “Ukrainian mothers and Russian mothers, both have lost their children.”

“This is the price of war. Let us pray for the mothers who have lost their soldier sons, both Ukrainian and Russian,” he concluded.

Francis has described Russia’s war on Ukraine as “sacrilegious,” but has also insisted that there are no good guys and bad guys in the war, because all share in the guilt of conflict.

“There is a war going on and I think it is a mistake to think that this is a cowboy movie where there are good guys and bad guys,” the pope told his fellow Jesuits during a trip to Kazakhstan.

“It is also a mistake to think that this is a war between Russia and Ukraine and no more. No, this is a world war,” he declared.


  1. God bless Putin. Give him the power to save the Ukrainian people from the murderous Zelinskyy regime.

  2. Faaaaawk the Roman popery = trash ————–> yet they don’t say anything about the Palestinians living conditions or Syrians etc.??

    • Thank You very much !

      No SANE Western Politician would pose thes :

      What was the basis in the International Law for the Juice to declare the state of Israel ?

      What was the basis in the International Law for the Juice to Occupy the Golan Heights and biuld Settlements there ?

      What was the basis in the International Law for the USA to cuupy North Syria and to STEAL the oil of the Syrian Paople ?

  3. In th meantime is message to Russians is? Likely something like your all evil including your Patriarch Kril die demon evil Russians” etc.

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