Biden Warns: US Will Respond If Russia Uses Chemical Weapons

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Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden has declared that the US will take action if Russia uses chemical weapons in Ukraine.

Biden who is in Europe for talks with allies, did not explain out what sort of action he was referring to, though his comments did echo those of UK prime minister Boris Johnson.

His comments also came just as President Zelenskyy made an address to NATO leaders accusing Russia of using phosphorus bombs in Ukraine.

BBC reports: .Asked whether the use of chemical weapons by Russia’s Vladimir Putin would prompt a military response from Nato, Mr Biden replied that it “would trigger a response in kind”.

“We would respond if he uses it. The nature of the response would depend on the nature of the use,” he said.

Western nations have warned Russia could be preparing to use chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine, as its invasion of the country enters its fifth week.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said it would be “catastrophic” if Mr Putin used chemical weapons, while Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has made it clear it would result in severe consequences.

The White House has set up a national security team to look at how the US and allies should react if Russia launched a chemical attack. But there is no suggestion Nato would respond by using chemical weapons, says BBC US Editor Sarah Smith.

Mr Biden has previously stressed the US and Nato would not send troops to Ukraine over fears of a direct military confrontation with Russia.

The president was speaking after an emergency meeting of Nato leaders to debate how to respond to the possible use of weapons of mass destruction, as well as military aid for Ukraine and tougher sanctions on Moscow.

“The single most important thing is for us to stay united,” the president said after the summit.

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