Protester Interrupts John McCain As He Insists We Must Have Full On War In Syria

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Senator John McCain criticized the Obama administration’s “inadequate response” to ISIS and advocated an even stronger U.S. military presence in Iraq and Syria during a Senate hearing Tuesday. As he was speaking  a woman protester from the organization Code Pink interrupted him and voiced her opposition to the war.

“How dare you try to destroy the future of young people in this country?” she shouted, holding up a sign that read, “There is no future in war.” As security guards removed her from the hearing room, she could be heard yelling, “Shame on you, Senator McCain.”

McCain, who grinned throughout the display joked “I always appreciate special attention from this group”

Protesters from the group Code Pink repeatedly interrupted Senate hearings on military action the U.S. is taking against ISIS, an army of Islamic radicals in Iraq.

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