Elon Musk DESTROYS MSNBC Host After She Tells Him To Stop Tweeting About Hunter Biden

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Elon Musk was told to stop talking about Hunter Biden by a mainstream media host on Wednesday, but the Tesla CEO had an epic comeback.

Musk posted a meme about Hunter Biden after another video from his “Laptop from Hell” surfaced, this one featuring — surprise, surprise — hookers and crack.


In response to the video, Musk shared a meme of man wearing a hat covered in cameras, captioned “Hunter Biden every time he buys crack and hookers.”

“A+ for cinematography,” Musk further noted.

While everybody living in the real world found it hilarious, MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle tried to lecture Musk about using his platform to do better things.

Musk’s response was pure gold:

Probably surprised to receive any response, Ruhle then shamelessly attempted to get Musk to come on her show:

“Big guy?”

Elon Musk’s plan to buy Twitter might be on hold for now after the world’s richest man came to the conclusion that AI bots posing as humans account for the vast majority of users on the platform.

Musk’s assessment reveals that Twitter’s fake accounts are not just about share prices and ad revenue. The vast majority of Twitter’s “daily users,” it appears, are automated spam bots that the Big Tech giant uses to induce mass formation psychosis and other forms of social conditioning.


Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. …hey no fair we all know that to be a journalist on MSNBC and CNN all you have to own up to is having an IQ equating to a womans shoe size… in response to Musk’s comment MSNBC only can wish they had that kind of influence I suspect all 10 of their viewers probably also smoke crack

  2. I find it hilarious that the most hateful, anti-God people (liberals) are always going on about “kindness.”

  3. The NWO media still coming up with contrived scenarios. What they hope we will infer, from all these stories, is that Elon the reptile, is not one of them, but against them. What a crock of BS. He is an Illuminati, he is not human. He is a NWO operative. They must be thinking he can fool the useless eaters and appear as some angel of light, so he can work us (influence us )for the Luciferians in whatever scheme they are cooking up next. He is getting his “head”, fake public image, false persona via the media the NWO own and totally control. Let’s be free. Let’s not be fooled by the serpents. They eat babies.

  4. Really? Musk is a carnival promoter. Very smart at manipulating the public sphere and financial markets! He conned Texas out of dozens of millions and then appropriated our highway and the last best free public beach! The only friends he has down here are the real estate developers who coincidentally populate the City Council. All that being said? I’m happy he’s using his notoriety to slam the Biden crime family and prick the hypocritical Dem-bots.

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