Experts Warn Alex Jones Show Trial Sets Precedent for Silencing Independent Media

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Alex Jones trial will set precedent to silence independent media

Legal experts are warning that the show trial against Alex Jones will set the precedent to silence independent media and shut down any opinions or commentary that goes against the mainstream media narrative.

Revolver News founder Darrin J. Beattie, constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes, lawyer Mike Cernovich, Human Events editor Jack Posobiec, and many others all warned that the Texas defamation trial against Infowars founder Alex Jones is the first legal salvo against free speech and non-mainstream views.

“Regime is thirsting for a precedent in Alex Jones case so no one can question official narratives on the internet again,” Beattie tweeted. reports: “Alex Jones precedent means if you don’t accept the Vegas shooting explanation, then FBI agents can sue you because you’re calling them liars by implication,” Cernovich noted. “Conservative media doesn’t seem to care. They aren’t saying a word on the due process violations in Jones case.”

“The Alex Jones show trial is a preview of what the regime intends to do to anyone and everyone who doesn’t conform with The Narratives,” journalist Jordan Schachtel said.

“Alex Jones case is to use it as precedent to go after those who contest 2020 election & any other government disfavored ‘conspiracy minded’ folks, like everyone who challenged lockdowns, mandates, Covid origins, lies to get us into war,” Barnes pointed out after noting a juror asked the court if the lawsuit against Jones can “stop election deniers” in future cases.

In fact, the New York Times this week confirmed the alarming hypothesis, admitting that the establishment’s goal is to “send a signal to other conspiracy purveyors about the cost of online lies” using the legal system.

Keep in mind, the NYT didn’t consider the Russia collusion hoax, Jussie Smollett’s hate crime hoax, the Nick Sandmann incident, the Kyle Rittenhouse case, or Hunter Biden’s laptop as “Russian disinformation” to be media-driven lies at all — though all of them demonstrably were at the time.

A verdict in Jones’ Texas defamation show trial is expected later this week.


  1. Yeah well the first thing is no one’s going to be allowed to say that was the greatest staged show of a trial for quite a while. Such an interesting judge and the invisible jury? Were they even there? Who would even know and who could ever tell? So much for the whole concept
    of public trials. Now the jurors are to be kept hidden, concealed? It all stinks to high heaven and absolutely screams “Nothing is what it seems”

  2. A Kangaroo Court, Judge, Prosecutor and Defense and maybe a Kangaroo Defendant.

    Sandy Hook was another CIA-FBI False Flag incident, no one died, as in Uvalde, Texas.

        • you watch those border bar interviews with those kids, talking about really bad acting.
          then the “marine” during one of the interviews later , like days later. not his first interview and no other kids mentioned it but he breaks out and says something like this…..”it crazy, we were all just at the Las Vegas shooting, it is unbelievable”. but he just outed that all his friends were at the las Vegas concert. what are the odds?! Wouldn’t one of the kids mention something like “I can’t believe this, i was just at Las Vegas, and then this?” No one said this. All they said is contradictory stories, “I got everyone down on the ground” “I smashed a window, and threw my friends out as fast as I could” well which was it mr marine? God awful story telling and acting.
          Two of the girls directly after the shooting were wrapped up in a pink blanket sniffing air and wiping away air tears telling their horrid tale, then looked at each other and almost started busting out laughing but caught themselves.
          Oh and all the guys were outside the bar just hanging out after the shooting, with their shirts off peacocking for the girls. Dudes there was just a shooting…..? why are you hanging out, why are you walking around in circles with your shirt off hugging the girls and giving interviews feet from the bar. GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • This has been happening for the last 120 years at least. The totally controlled Media propagating falsehoods of various kinds.

  3. The Caught is in session, the small hat making his false confession: All the world’s a stage, actors left, right and schlenter, reading from the Protocols, scripted page-by-page, hidden hands ensuring that all and sundry are well paid, the lying lame-stream presstitutes scribbling up a storm, and the sheep once again are via fear p0rn sheared and torn, the ‘none died and crocodile tears cried’ deride and fool, divide and rule hoaxathons, a la Sandy Crook, Uvulva, Highland Park Mall, Greenwood Park Mall, Chatteranooga, Laguna Woods, Charleston Church, Pulse Lube Job, Lost Wheygas, Columswine, Auroraborealis, Tampax Hotel, Charlie Headblowjob, London Bridge, London Bus, Kenya Mall, Boy George P0rn Floyd, OJ Simpleton/Nicole Brown, Ashli Cashli Bobbitt Babbitt, JFK, MLK, Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gadaffi, Charles Mansonic/Sharon Tate, etc, et al, not forgetting the 6 million lies, and counting, counting, counting, every day, the clown circus is in play, so be not fooled, lest ye be ruled, discernment is your friend upon which you can depend.

    villanovan . com/5869/opinion/list-of-mass-shootings-since-columbine-massacre/ Mass hoaxes compiled by an Abdulla/Abdollar

    wikipedia . org/wiki/List_of_mass_shootings_in_the_United_States Scan for hoaxes, compiled by the small hat hoaxers

  4. Holocaustianity™ is our present-day “state religion” from which no dissension or honest investigation is possible. In many countries, questioning any aspects of the “holocaust ” that stray from the “commonly accepted narrative” is considered a crime, punishable by fines and incarceration, the TRUTH be damned.
    It started some time ago with the imprisonment of two elderly women for daring to question that new state religion “holocaustianity “.
    Despite claims by so-called “holocaust™” survivors, most of their assertions can be proven to be false, lies and fabrications that are wholly based on physically and scientifically impossible claims.
    Monika Schaefer and Ursula Haverbeck are but two elderly women among many others who have been indicted, tried, convicted and sentenced to incarceration in maximum-security prisons for not embracing the “official holocaust narrative”. From an engineering and scientific basis, almost all “holocaust ” claims are easily disproven, the “holocaust” being the “hoax of the twentieth century”…

    The Alex Jones case is but another attempt to stifle the truth utilizing “lawfare” to silence those who dare to challenge “the commonly accepted narrative”.

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