UK Parents Win In Court After School Labeled Their 6 Yr Old Son Potentially ‘Transphobic’

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Parents transphobic 6 yr old son

A Christian couple have sued their son’s school and won after their six-year-old child was labeled potentially “transphobic.”

Parents Nigel and Sally Rowe say they first noticed that there was an issue when their son came home from school confused after a boy in his class had begun inconsistently wearing a dress and calling himself a girl.

They said they received a letter from the headteacher and chair of governors declaring that pupils could be seen as transphobic if they showed “an inability to believe a transgender person is actually a ‘real’ female or male.

Nigel told Fox News: “For a child, it’s very confusing because they’ll go to school, and he’ll be taught one thing…..And then he’ll think, ‘That’s not what my mommy and daddy were saying when I get home, and mommy and daddy are saying this.’”

Gateway Pundit reports: Nigel continued, “To cut a long story short, in the school, when our boys were six years of age, in the classroom one of their friends decided to transition from being a boy to a girl. It was just announced to the kids. And therefore, when we heard, we objected to that.”

The parents said that things really hit the fan when the Church of England primary school did not consult with parents about the transgender student, but simply announced it to the class.

When they took their concerns to the school, they say that they were met with a “cold” response. After the meeting, they were sent a letter by the school that accused them and their son of potential “transphobic behavior.”

“In the letter, one of the paragraphs stated that we would be deemed ‘transphobic’ if we did not adhere to that belief; if we did not recognize a child can change his gender,” Nigel told Fox. “But then my son, at the age of six, would also be deemed to be ‘transphobic’ if he didn’t use the correct pronouns or recognize the other child to be a little boy or little girl.”

The Rowe’s linked up with the Christian Legal Centre and filed a lawsuit against the school.

Fox reports that the government agreed to settle the case last week. The Rowes were awarded “£22,000 in legal costs, which they are donating to CLC, and the government also committed to reform.”

The Rowe’s now homeschool their children.