Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Who Opposes Border Wall, Builds 8 Foot Security Wall Around Home

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Michigan Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has been a repeated critic of Trump’s efforts to build a wall on America’s southern border.

Gov. Whitmer’s recent executive order also recommends a reduction of just over $115 million from the Michigan State Police and nearly $393 million from the Department of Corrections.

Yet now, Gov. Whitmer has requested a million dollar security upgrade to her own residence, and is building an eight-foot high wall around her home, the Michigan governor’s residence. At taxpayer expense of course.

Democrats: It’s different when we do it.

Fox reports: Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s state-owned residence will get a $1.1 million security upgrade, with a new 8-foot-tall barrier around the perimeter.

Whitmer said in May that there had been an “explosion” of threats against her, as police brutality protests raged on across the nation and on the heels of protests against her COVID-19 lockdown, known to be one of the most stringent in the nation.

Whitmer spokeswoman Tiffany Brown called the renovations “routine maintenance and upgrades” that were needed to “to ensure the safety, security and protection of any sitting governor and the first family,” according to the Detroit News.

The cost of the upgrades at the Lansing residence, as recommended by Michigan State Police and the state Department of Technology, Management and Budget, is approximately $1.1 million, Brown said. It wasn’t clear how much of the budget would be spent on the perimeter fence.

This woman is cutting funding for police.

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