CBS News: It’s Time for King Biden to Regulate the Internet

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CBS News calls on Biden admin to regulate the internet

CBS News is now openly lobbying the Biden administration to regulate the internet to rid it of dangerous conspiracy theories, racism and hate speech.

In an article titled, “The internet is a wasteland of disinformation. Here’s how to fix it,” journalist Dan Patterson advocates for the Biden administration to implement “an ambitious social and economic agenda” in which posts on social media are heavily regulated to censor anything that goes against the mainstream narrative.

Per the article:

The mass wailing from members of QAnon, an online conspiracy that believes former President Trump will return in an apocalyptic event to arrest and jail Satan-worshiping Democrats, epitomizes the unique challenge facing Mr. Biden as he tries to implement an ambitious social and economic agenda. In an age where nearly all information is channeled through the vagaries of social media, disinformation is rampant and given more credence with every share. And that means regulating online content, along with ending the pandemic and healing the economy, should be at the top of Mr. Biden’s agenda.

Here’s how Roger McNamee, a venture capitalist and noted Facebook-backer-turned-critic, put it. 

“The Biden administration has [as] its top priority ending the pandemic around COVID-19. In order to do that, they’re going to have to find a way of controlling disinformation,” McNamee told CBS News recently. “COVID disinformation and vaccine disinformation is a massive threat to public health and internet platforms play a huge role. And that makes tech policy — whether they like it or not — it makes it a priority.”

“We live in a world right now where people can have an entire worldview based on things that aren’t true. And that is not their fault. This has been done to them. It’s not because people are stupid. It’s not because they aren’t sincere. It’s because people with bad intentions have consciously manipulated Americans for profit. That should not be legal.”

Read the full article here.


  1. Everything they say is lies distortions manipulations ommissions and prooagandas Has been all of my life and throughout mist of history Only ever has it bern the voice in the wilderness that tells the truth Never ever the ” trusted authorities ” Never .

  2. our goverment is in shaMBle`SS it looks like a nurseing home daycare center for the aged.TERM LIMITs age limits kick out the hobby lobbyist kickbacking deals.We cant`afford to take care of every tom dick and harry for life.We need a real grass roots youthful term limited senate and congress we can`t afford their nurseing home`SS^^^$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$lobbys by mob B

  3. IF we don`t upgrade our goverment than we will fall in ruins juist like all other countrys did in history we look weak weak and weaker and old old and older so any youth filled combative country could just walkin and blow us over OVER???CBS cable laser Mikie

  4. So boring Here’s a clue from 1952 Nothing new “they were denied access” What the news won’t show you! Google it.There’s so much more so much to. Really say So little time. They know

  5. It’s a good thing that the POTUS has a term limit. So eventually he has to go away (if not sooner to a nursing facility). Too bad the Senate and House don’t have a safety valve like that.

        • maybe…what we do know is that many pedos were taken down during the Trump administration.

          If Trump is “garbage” as you suggest, why did he make that joke about Hillary taking a few villages from Haiti?

          Trump has done more to stop human trafficking than any president. That’s a fact. We don’t know if he’s compromised, but we do know that he did a lot to stop human trafficking. What have you done by the way? ….crickets?

          • Yet left corrupt Prissy Chrissy WRay to free the biggest Pedo and sanitize his island. Yeah crickets

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