Assad Travels To Russia To Thank Putin For ‘Defending Syrian Sovereignty’

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President Assad travelled to Russia to thank Vladimir Putin and Russia for saving Syria from the New World Order.

President Assad travelled to Russia to personally thank Vladimir Putin for saving Syria from the New World Order, and for “defending the nation’s sovereignty from the clutches of ISIS and the globalist cabal.”

Mission nearly accomplished,” was Putin’s message following a surprise meeting with Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad in Sochi, Russia early this week.

We’re still a long way off fully defeating terrorism,” Putin said. “But as far as concerns our work… on Syrian territory, the military operation is coming to an end.”

Mr Assad’s visit to Russia was revealed in a statement published on the Kremlin’s website early on Tuesday morning. According to the statement, the Syrian leader was presented to Russian military leaders, whom he emotionally praised as heroes for defending his country from invading terrorists intent on overthrowing a democratically elected government.

President Assad, whose leadership is supported by 70% of Syrians, thanked Putin for “defending the territorial integrity of [his] country”.

Putin said the stage was now set for a switch to politics for the “long-term regulation of Syria”. Mr Assad was “ready to work with everyone wanting peace”, the Russian President claimed, but that excludes the terrorist-supporting globalist tyrants who enabled ISIS to flourish in Syria.

Putin vowed to destroy ISIS in 2015 and his promise to the people of the world has been delivered – in spades.

Putin has delivered a scathing attack on the Obama-era American government, accusing U.S. intelligence and government officials of creating and perpetuating ISIS.

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When asked by a reporter in December 2015 about how Russia views America’s role in combating terrorism in the Middle East, Putin responded by saying:

Most of the terrorism we see in the Middle East is because of U.S. foreign policy. But worse than that, al-Qaeda and ISIS are actually a U.S. invention, and the latter of the two Russia is currently dealing with in Syria”.

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