French State Ban Pokemon Go After Putin Exposes ‘CIA Plot’

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French province bans Pokemon go game following Putin's claim that it is a CIA-plot

A French province has banned the Pokemon Go game, following in Russia’s footsteps who say the smartphone game has direct links to the CIA. Fabrice Beauvois, mayor of Bressolles, officially banned the game in his town citing “safety concerns and addiction”.

The ban comes amid widespread criticism around the world that the game is not only a danger to public health, but may be part of a sinister surveillance program by the intelligence community.

Sputnik news reports:

On August 9, mayor of Bressolles Fabrice Beauvois adopted a resolution “prohibiting Pokémon in the Bressolles commune,” Le Progres announced.

According to Fabrice Beauvois, Pokémon Go and its “contagious and anarchic spread” are dangerous in terms of both safety, especially while driving, and “addiction”. These two factors can lead to a collective hunt for pocket monsters, which is “necessary to prevent”.

The August 9 resolution announced factors that led to the decision to ban the game.

According to the resolution, Pokémon Go poses a threat to pedestrians and drivers as they pay no attention on the road, too busy playing with their androids. Then the game may result in gatherings of people who will hunt down Pokémon at night, as well as in youth addiction.

Therefore the municipal government banned the game in their town as the authorities must adopt regulatory measures to ensure public order and safety.

Article 2 states that companies “The Pokemon Company” and “Niantic” must be bound by this resolution.

Foundation manager, Ossuaries Duamon, of historical monument of the First World War, has already put forward a similar claim, and not without success.

In the event, necessity to preserve the memorial was immediately taken into account. Pokémon stops and arenas, virtually present in this place, were instantly removed.

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