IBM And Twitter Team Up To Analyse Big Data

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The Big Blue is to partner with Twitter to help analyse the huge amount of Social Media data on their network.

IBM will use its huge computing power to help businesses make sense of their Twitter data, and come up with new ways to use the social feedbacks analysed by IBM, immediately in their models for: sales, advertising, productivity, etc.

IBM has anticipated a positive response from businesses and is ready to guide clients who wish to use their new platform.

V3 reports: The platform is hosted in the cloud on IBM’s BlueMix platform and is designed to help businesses gain a better understanding of their data by incorporating social media data, which should improve decision making.
By plugging this into IBM’s Watson Analytics platform, firms can cross-reference social data to other data streams from sales charts to weather data. A video at the
IBM said it already has 4,000 staff trained up to show clients how to use the platform and that 100 early testers using the services have already seen benefits.
Twitter said that the move would help businesses incorporate social feedback data into their decision making.
“So much of business decision making relies on internal data such as sales, promotion and inventory,” said Chris Moody, vice president of digital strategy at Twitter. “Now with Twitter data, customer feedback can easily be incorporated into decision making.”
Moody said this will make it possible for firms to have a clearer insight into why products sold well, or didn’t, and how to act on this information.
“Twitter represents an enormous public archive of human thought that captures the ideas, opinions and debates taking place around the world on almost any topic at any moment in time,” he said in a blog post.
“While companies have long listened to what their customers are saying on Twitter, complex enterprise decisions often require input from a lot of different systems. IBM’s expertise is in integrating complex systems and data to make better decisions.”
IBM chief executive Ginni Rometty said the partnership was a great example of IBM bringing its powerhouse computing to new areas such as social media.

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