Coincidence? Maui Wildfires Police Chief Also Coordinated Response To Las Vegas Mass Shooting

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What are the odds?

Maui police chief

Social media users have been pointing out that Maui Police Chief John Pelletier previously served as incident commander during another mass casualty event

The ‘coincidence’ was highlighted by several social media users, who were skeptical of Pelletier’s previous work on the mass shooting at Mandalay Bay in 2017 that left 58 people dead, and his current overseeing of the response to the deadly Maui wildfire that’s killed at least 99 people so far.

InfoWars reports: Footage of Pelletier explaining why rescue crews have recovered so few bodies circulated over the weekend.

Conservative talk show host Stew Peters claimed, “We are watching a movie. John Pelletier is an actor.”

As incident commander during the Vegas mass casualty event, Pelletier would have been the lead person in charge of coordinating first responders at the scene of the shooting.

USA Today on Tuesday dedicated an article to highlighting the bizarre coincidence, pointing out Pelletier became the Maui police chief after two decades with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.
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