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The Royal Flush Water Slide was opened last summer in Waco, Texas, and is reported to be the longest water slide in the world.

It is comprised of a kiddie slide, and 2 other behemoth slides with varying levels of steepness, making it an ideal location for adventurers. The United States has some of the best wake and leisure parks in the world offering exciting vacation destinations for families and water ride enthusiasts.

Full Throttle reports:

Located in Waco, Texas, at the well-known amusement park, BSR Cable Park, this park is filled with picturesque blue water, and enough rides to keep the whole family busy and entertained, for days on end. But remember, safety first! All patrons must wear a helmet as well as a US Coast Guard-approved life jacket in order to participate in the festivities.longest water slide

Officially introduced to the world in a viral video made by AJ Aguirre and Ben Hamner, it’s almost impossible to view this ride in action and not have the urge to take it on a test run. Comparable to the likes of the the Walhalla Wave slide in San Antonia, as well as the Black Ananconda in Wisconsin, the Royal Flush marries excitement with a bit of fright in the most marvelous way imaginable.

However, much unlike the rest of the slides mentioned, the Royal Flush is actually believed to be the longest water slide in the entire world. A perfect ride for the daredevils of the world, this super steep slide allows for patrons to go soaring up to 100 feet into the air, before landing in a 15-foot deep pool with a clay bottom. Named after the park’s general manager, Royal Wiseman, the slide also features a kiddie lane for children 6 and older, as well as a lane for extreme sliders who want to do ambitious stunts and use equipment such as bicycles and other water toys.

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