Is This A Figure Lying Down On Mars Captured By Curiosity Rover?

Fact checked

What appears to be a figure of somebody lying down was captured by the Curiosity Rover on MARS last year by NASA. reports:

This figure could be some ancient robot caught in a volcanic lava or it could be a petrified alien species, or of course it could be just a carving.

I don’t believe its just a carving, because for a planet full of intelligent species to die out, it would take an advanced species.

Then again, it might have been some other alien species that attacked them.

So many questions, so few answers. SCW

WhatsUpInTheSky37 states:
After playing with the settings on this photograph for a couple days I am convinced that that is a depiction of some kind of life form.

My astute buddy Kjell send this over talking about the perfect circle platform in the middle of the picture as well as the cube next to it.

So much going on I bet you come up with some of your own.