Disillusioned McCain Tells CNN – “Obama Is Delusional”

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Senator John McCain of Arizona criticized president Obama’s policies on the “State of the Union” show this Sunday.

He told CNN that the United States president should “get over his temper tantrum” over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The U.S president had earlier criticized the Israeli prime minister for being prejudiced when it came to Arabs or Palestinians, in the lead-up to the recent elections in Israel.

McCain thinks the U.S  president should be worried about his own political campaign. “The least of your problems is what Bibi Netanyahu said during an election campaign.” McCain_Obama
He went on to say: “If every politician were held to everything they say during a campaign, obviously that would be a topic of long discussion”. He continued: “This is one of the most Orwellian situations I have ever observed”.

Obama is considering weakening support for Israel at the UN. Senator McCain warned that should he succeed then the U.S congress should examine its funding for the United Nations.

McCain went on to say:

“Israel is our most reliable ally. It is the only place you will see a campaign where statements are made by one side or the other”. He said: “You have to put it in perspective of this credible threat to the entire Middle East with ISIS on the march, with the Iranians on the march, with thousands of people being slaughtered.”

He accuses the United States president of allowing personal feelings to get in the way of important policy issues. “It’s either that or he is paranoid”.

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