HHS Secretary admits reality of Ebola — U.N. peacekeepers solicited to occupy New York City

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Pandemic martial law nears in U.S.

At a foundation held breakfast Thursday morning, the Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell announced what most Americans have already been fearing.

“We had one case and I think there may be other cases, and I think we have to recognize that as a nation”, Burwell explained. Burwell also reiterated that “the point of departure” is the most important place to contain the virus, i.e. West Africa.

While the U.S. health care system claims to be ready, some have doubts as Ebola is a very vigilant virus. In fact, it was reported Thursday how a New Jersey Customs Agent recently spoke out, saying that Newark Airport officials aren’t even trained or ready to deal with Ebola. Breitbart reports:

The agent, who wanted to stay anonymous, noted that no doctors or CDC personnel had been assigned to his airport for any flights from Africa or countries with connecting flights to Ebola effected areas.

The incident that most sparked the agent’s alarm occurred last Saturday when a passenger from Liberia arrived sick and vomiting on a flight in Newark, New Jersey.

The agent said that other passengers on the plane were allowed to go on their way as federal officials took the sick passenger and a companion to a local hospital. While the passenger was eventually cleared of Ebola, the agent noted that they way the situation was handled seemed all wrong.

Moreover, a lot of agencies are in a panic as crash course training classes and drills ensue. In fact recently at New River Marine Corps. Air Station in North Carolina an emergency full-scale pandemic outbreak drill was conducted in which mock vaccinations were administered to the sick. An excerpt from an article titled Drill focuses on pandemic preparation reads:

During the exercise, Marines from various squadrons aboard the station formed single file lines and filled out forms before getting their body temperatures taken by Navy corpsmen. From there, each Marine enters the building also known as the Point of Dispersion, or POD, where flu shots were given out.

The exercise had on hand about 1,200 flu shots available to active-duty Marines aboard New River. Kotora said medical personnel administered approximately 700 flu shots to Marines during the first couple of hours of the exercise.

“This is a simulated exercise designed to test our capabilities and respond to a pandemic or biological threat,” he said. “ … We’re trying to identify some areas where we can improve and we’re also trying to foster some confidence in the population that we serve … that we can respond effectively to a mass terror or a weapon of mass destruction incident.”

Maybe this is why the UN’s very own Department of Peacekeeping Operations, Inspira Human Resources Gateway, posted a solicitation for new hires to conduct “peacekeeping operations” in New york during the coming months. I reported on this back in August in an article titled UN recruits disarmament, demobilization and reintegration officers for peacekeeping operations in New York City.

To top it all off even the Center for Disease Control Director warned of Ebola’s strength. CBS DC reports:

“I would say that in the 30 years I’ve been working in public health, the only thing like this has been AIDS,” Frieden said before the heads of the United Nations, World Bank and International Monetary Fund, according to AFP.

Frieden added: “We have to work now so that it is not the world’s next AIDS.”


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CDC Director: We Have To Work Now So Ebola ‘Is Not The World’s Next AIDS’ — CBS DC

Article Source: Intellihub

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