Alex Jones To Sue CIA and FBI for Silencing His Free Speech

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Alex Jones to sue CIA and FBI for destroying free speech in America.

Infowars founder Alex Jones has vowed to sue the CIA and FBI for attempting to destroy his business and silence his right to free speech in America.

Jones joined Benny Johnson to discuss the newly released undercover footage that emerged Tuesday from Sound Investigations, showing a CIA agent admitting that the agency maliciously went after the Infowars radio host.

In the discussion, Jones tells Johnson following the revelations he’s preparing to file a massive lawsuit against alphabet agencies over serious civil rights violations. reports: “He needs to be subpoenaed by Congress,” Jones said referring to Gavin O’Blennis, the CIA contractor featured in Sound Investigations’ video. “I am planning to launch a lawsuit against the CIA and the FBI. We have to bring all this out and right as my bankruptcy comes to a close and right as all this stuff is being finalized it’s really God’s work working here that this came out at this time.”

Jones added he’s currently speaking to several lawyers and would like to see congressional inquiries into the man’s claims so that the full scope of the intel agencies’ efforts could come to light.

“Absolutely, I’ve got to get the wheels on this thing rolling and…we’ve got a lot of options,” Jones said, adding, “But again, it’s not for me. It’s about to put it out in court and show the evidence and then drag them out in the light with discovery and show what they’ve really done. And it’s about congressional hearings and it’s about stopping these rogue agencies that have become domestic KGB operations.”

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Earlier Tuesday, Jones urged tech entrepreneur Elon Musk to call for a congressional investigation into the matter following concerns the targeting could be a violation of free speech.

Watch Jones’ full discussion with Benny Johnson:

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