Globalist Bill Gates Demands China Must Be Granted ‘Strong Role In World Governance’

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Globalist billionaire Bill Gates claimed China’s rise has been “a huge win for the world” and must be granted a “strong role in world governance” in a Monday interview about the future of the world order.

Gates was speaking at the Lowy Institute, an Australia-based international policy think tank, according to its website.

“I tend to see China’s rise as a huge win for the world. I mean, that’s 20 percent of humanity,” Gates said. “China is a very innovative country, very important, you know, arguably the number two innovator, but the distance [from the US] is unbelievable.”

Gates added that in the near future “middle income countries, including China and India, need to play a strong role in world governance.”

Gates’ endorsement of China as world leader echoes recent comments made by Klaus Schwab and George Soros, both of whom have stated explicitly that China must lead the New World Order. WATCH:

World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab praised China as a model for the transformation of the world during an appearance on Chinese television.

Schwab’s praise for China echoes words uttered by George Soros during a disturbing interview with the Financial Times.

George Soros laid out the global elites’ plan for ushering in what he called “a New World Order” during the interview. According to Soros, China must lead this New World Order, “creating it and owning it,” in the same way the United States “owns the current order.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. The WEF wants a new Feudal System type world and China has that, rich powerful at the top, everyone else at one level below. And a lot less of the lower class people, the vaccine will take care of that problem.

      • It is clear that when this reset is done, there will be a few rich, royalty and powerful people ruling everything and a large worker/tenant class doing all the work, but about 60-70% less than today. The whole climate charade is to control this shift. Electric cars mandated will eliminate the average person from owning cars, land will be communal, and food will be subsistence for the masses, extravagant for the top class. They want what the world had for thousands of years before the “middle class” appeared in the 1750s and ruin it all…..

  2. World Domination by Communist monsters with a record of murdering their own people & enslaving them? Wow! What a deal! How can this be ignored by most people? Gates obviously, by his own words, wants to destroy the people.He has gained millions by harming the US & its citizens. Why is he still free? Why are people not clamoring for his trial?

    • Under what rule of law? Which Prosecutor is going to do that? You the people are powerless You don’t have common law You have no say in anything. Your opinions not worth pissng on Your parents lost everything by smoking pot rooting themselves stupid and listening to Elvis the pelvis.

  3. bill gates is constantly making wisecrack remarks to make people think he has the power to conquer the world.

    • He’s a pawn A rich pawn His dad was major in the eugenics movement from England His dad set him up with Windows Microsoft that was apparently, according to the Court cases, all kept hushed up, stolen from the inventor.
      A lot of people think Bill was born a female and his ex wife a male and both were transed as very young children.
      I tend think that’s very possible.I’ve known quite a lot myself over decades and they fit the picture..
      People are what they eat.
      Chicken Sheep Pigs and cows.

  4. Once again, the evil cabal speaks as if they are going to rule the entire world. Yes, that was/is their plan, but God is answering the prayers of His people & will not allow the evil ones to win.

      • What’s to expand!?
        The Jews own and run China, like the rest of the world, except for Iran, Russia and Free Korea!

          • He means they own the central banks. Jews in the usa government are 10 to 1. Jews were the starters of communist China. Rothschild paid for it and also in Russia. Plenty of quotes. Look up talmud quotes. It says things like even the best of the goy deserves death and much worse

          • I know what he means and I block all the antisemitic haters I see online. I’ve no use for them.

  5. They own the world. We “own nothing.” “The current world system is designed around US leadership. And as other countries have gotten richer, these middle-income countries, including China and India, need to play a stronger role in world governance.” – Bill Gates Predicts Man-Made Pandemic Worse Than COVID (VIDEO) – uafreport dot ccm

  6. “Whoa! Stunning Video Exposes Globalist Bill Gates Plan For Chinese Control of the World” – The Next News Network – youtube

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