US Pilots Ordered To Ignore ISIS Oil Convoys

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After more than a year, the US coalition has been unable to stop ISIS’ lucrative oil smuggling operation. Could it be that they were never  attempting to stop it ?

According to reports, U.S. pilots in Syria have ‘flown over oil tanker convoys 4 lanes wide at times and been told to stay silent’ but on whose orders?

New Eastern Outlook reports:

A story leaked out of Washington credits Senator John McCain, empowered by America’s corrupt congress to oversee Pentagon programs, with derailing the Obama administration’s “coalition bombing campaign” in Syria and Iraq. McCain and key right wing extremists, working in concert with Turkish, Israeli and Saudi intelligence, have placed a “political shield” over terrorist targets in Iraq and Syria, something that has frustrated American pilots, silenced by the threat of imprisonment or worse.

Reports from pilots and sources up and down the Pentagon chain of command tell an interesting story. Considering America’s years of experience at “precision bombing” and the vast intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities of the world’s largest military, America’s utter failure in curtailing ISIS and her dozens of “sister organizations” has been inexplicable.

American pilots flying over Iraq and Syria have quietly leaked their story for over a year now but no news agency will carry it. They say they have flown over oil tanker convoys 4 lanes wide at times and been told to stay silent.

They report mysterious aircraft dropping supplies to ISIS and al Nusra, they are silenced on that as well.

The most common report, however, is massive parking lots filled with hundreds, even thousands of Humvees, Abrams tanks, artillery pieces, support vehicles of all kinds, all “hands off” at the orders of the Pentagon.

In previous bombing campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, American pilots and drone operators admittedly suffered “collateral damage” at levels from 50% to almost 90% by some estimates. This could be the reason the US has somehow ordered pilots, both “cockpit” and “deskbound drone,” to “stand down” when they find juicy targets of opportunity.

They say it isn’t, that many of these targets are totally in the open or “well worth the risk.” In fact some pilots are totally dispirited from seeing the same “fat targets” over and over while they are sent after road checkpoints or abandoned buildings.

McCain, chairman of the powerful Senator Armed Services Committee, has strangled America’s efforts to the point where there are no sufficient munitions available. America is flying operations over Syria and Iraq with the aging F 16 recently upgraded for improved all weather capability using typical payloads of World War II era iron bombs.

Note that John McCain’s personal trips to Syria, meeting with the heads of ISIS and al Nusra, deeply parallel his earlier actions in Vietnam when as a prisoner of war McCain trained North Vietnamese air defense forces to shoot down American planes and made dozens of anti-American propaganda broadcasts.

Senator John McCain with ISIS Chief Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi (circled left) and terrorist Muahmmad Noor (circled right).
Senator John McCain with ISIS Chief Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi (circled left) and terrorist Muahmmad Noor (circled right).

McCain was pardoned by President Nixon when facing court martial and his records sealed and “whitewashed” by the press.

Crippled Operations

America is beholding to Turkey for the use of an airbase for operations in Syria and Iraq, bombing runs that restrict loiter time and can require air refueling as America’s aircraft carriers are now being kept in port with rare forays into the Pacific or Indian Ocean, all on McCain’s orders.

Even America’s huge airbase in Qatar, home to the B1B and B52 fleet of heavy bombers, seen over Kobani, is now “frozen” and “off limits” for anti-ISIS operations.

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