WHO: Abortion ‘Essential’ During Coronavirus Pandemic

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World Health Organization (WHO) declares abortion 'essential' amid coronavirus pandemic

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared that abortion is an “essential service” during the current coronavirus panemic.

“Services related to reproductive health are considered to be part of essential services during the COVID-19 outbreak,” WHO said in a statement on Saturday.

“Women’s choices and rights to sexual and reproductive health care should be respected, irrespective of whether or not she has a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection,” the statement continued.

“Sexual and reproductive health care is integral to universal health coverage and achieving the right to health,” it added.

“This includes contraception, quality health care during and after pregnancy and childbirth, and safe abortion to the full extent of the law,” they said, noting that the WHO provides both global technology and policy guidance to WHO members “on the use of contraception to prevent unintended pregnancy, safe abortion, and treatment of complications from unsafe abortion.”

Dailycaller.com reports: Governors and health departments across the United States have issued decisions on whether or not abortions are considered essential services. Texas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Indiana and Iowa as well as the governor of Mississippi declared abortions non-essential and banned these procedures to preserve PPE for fighting coronavirus. 

Meanwhile, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, New Jersey, Illinois, Oregon, Hawaii and Virginia — all states that have banned elective medical procedures — deemed abortions essential during the outbreak.

There have been 1,172,692 cases of the coronavirus worldwide as of Saturday afternoon, and 62,823 people have died from the virus.


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