Washington Post Warns Trump’s Favorite Food (Hamburger) Has a “Russia Connection”

Fact checked
Washington Post warns that Trump's favorite food, hamburger, has Russian connections

Has The Washington Post has finally hit peak Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS)?

In a new article published Wednesday, entitled “Even one of Trump’s favorite foods has a hidden Russia connection,” WAPO “jokes” that the President’s love of hamburgers could be a sign that he’s a secret Russian agent.

Yes, really.

The article is behind a paywall but is subtitled ‘the hamburger inspired Soviet food fad you’ve never heard of.’

Summit.news reports: The newspaper got completely destroyed in the Twitter thread.

“Your Russia collusion conspiracy theory pieces are my favorite. Thank you for holding on, all evidence to the contrary,” remarked Mollie Hemingway.

“Oh come on,” commented Mike Cernovich.

“Democracy Dies In Dumbassery,” joked another user.


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