Steve Bing, Close Clinton Friend and Associate with Epstein Links, Found Dead

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Clinton mega-donor and close associate Steve Bing has been found dead after falling from the 27th floor of his luxury apartment building in LA's Century City at around 1pm on June 22. He was 55.

Clinton mega-donor and close associate Steve Bing has been found dead after falling from the 27th floor of his luxury apartment building in LA’s Century City at around 1pm on June 22. He was 55.

Law enforcement sources immediately claimed the financier, filmmaker, and leftwing philanthropist, committed suicide.

Both Clinton and Bing were part of a hard-partying group that included Ron Burkle and Jeffrey Epstein, reports LA Mag. Bill Clinton quickly tweeted his condolences, describing his close friend as a man who was “willing to do anything” for the “causes he believed in“. Clinton added he hopes Bing has “finally found peace.”

Multiple mainstream media outlets reported “unnamed sources” close to the financier and Clinton associate saying he was depressed with the lack of human contact during the COVID-19 quarantine. However many people have questioned this narrative.

Steve Bing was publicly known for his close relationship with Bill Clinton after he donated at least $10 million to his foundation. He also donated $1 million to the DNC to help fund the 2000 convention in L.A. and spent an estimated $50 million to campaign for an oil production tax in 2006.

Former President Bill Clinton and close friend and associate Steve Bing.

When Clinton flew to North Korea in 2009 to negotiate the release of journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling, it was Bing who paid for the plane and “settled it.”

News of Bing’s death has left the Internet in deep shock. “Why would this man with everything one could want commit suicide so suddenly?” one said and another posted, “Another close Clinton friend commits suicide. How many is this???”

Many people brought in various other names into the fiasco. One posted, “I bet Hillary Clinton was in the building at the time.” One went on to say, “Where is @tomhanks? Not a word throughout this whole chaos?

For others, it’s hard to believe. “Hard to believe a 55-year-old billionaire #SteveBing suddenly decided to jump off a tall building because he ‘was depressed about social isolation during the COVID lockdown’ which is over now anyway,” one said.

Did he get Epsteined?” one wondered and another said, “It’s part of their cult ritual. Sacrifice a member periodically. so soon after Epstein.” One asked, “My question is, WHY? #SteveBing I Want to believe he was not in the right state of mind if he did really ‘jump’… Also, why is the media blurting out the nature of what SUPPOSEDLY happened? Why the hasty conclusion? This is really sad.” 

Many speculated his close association with Clinton had to do something with the shocking news. “Close confidante of Bill Clinton & Ron Burkle jumps off a building to his death — another figure in the Epstein nexus dead of an extraordinary suicide,” one said and another wrote, “Steve Bing was one of Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton’s buddies. Did he jump or was he pushed is the question.”

Billionaire Clinton associate Steve Bing shortly before his unexpected death.

Another posted, “Three of four of the men in the lede are dead: ‘Epstein, supermarket magnate Ron Burkle, film financier Steve Bing, and former president Bill Clinton…flying around on Epstein’s jet, dubbed the Lolita Express, or Burkle’s jet, dubbed Air F*ck One. Stay away from windows, Bill.

One wondered why there was no proper investigation. “Just unusual the media’s all reporting he suicided by deliberately jumping off the 27th floor. Like there’s no investigation that he possibly fell accidentally or was deliberately pushed off as in murdered, Russian Mafia style.” 

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Another one to the Clinton Death count — are we at 200 yet?…. I haven’t kept count since number 160

  2. His eyes dont look happy. Their Luke deep secretive pools of despair despite his smile .He looks lost .

    • Well, too late to find Jesus and joy. All he had to do is ask God to help him . He has no peace, no happiness. He shit on his kids too.

  3. You have billions, can get anything you want and be with anyone you want yet He was depressed due to isolation. Not buying it for one sec. This was a murder, call out the CSI crew.

    • Actually when people can buy anything almost anyone then they can become very unhappy if they’re smart Because they realize what whores people are and how its almost impossible to trust anyone to be sincere about their feelings for you .You see them as the clutching conniving animals they are .That can be very depressing when your over playing with your latest toys and chasing rainbows end

      • not unless they know the Clinton’s and know too much. You obviously don’t understand the mind of Bill Clinton and Pedo Island. The man knew too much. Well, for Clinton , there is a Hell.

  4. He had 2 kids, one to liz Hurley and one to tennis player They had to take him to court with paternity suits to get him to acknowledge they were his His sister Mary tried to get those kids disintegrated from the trust fund from their greedy grandfather He and Liz fought it in court who sided with them that the kids were entitled to claim on the hundreds of millions Now hes dead the sister will,no doubt.try again to get the teo illegitimate descendants dis inherited .They say he was depressed was because of isolation from his family .So maybe money and greed was a motive and his ” fall” had nothing to do with the usual suspects.?

    • I’m thinkin’ he was depressed because he wasn’t gettin’ any 12 y/o punani or cocktail weenies . . . . . or he knew too much and had a bit of “assistance” out da window

  5. Ghislaine’s little black book is about to be made public. Watch for the suicide shuffle become a thing.

  6. Similar demands made for investigation into death of a talented genius and star in Bollywood Sushant Singh Rajput.

    Media and powers that be ( underworld) touting it as ” suicide” . Even Wikipedia entry stated the same ON THE EXACT DAY he was found 14th June 2020 and remains so!
    Unable to get it corrected or self edit the entry either!!
    Wrong uninvestated BS reported as fact on Wikipedia and elsewhere. Despite growing support and demands for
    Nothing is being investigated and Mumbai police and others in underworld seem to be colluded in his tragic death.
    We ( majority) believe it was MURDER.
    Mafia dogs need to be exposed. Both in Hollywood and Bollywood!
    RIP both souls. .

  7. nobody asks if there was a suicide note before they assume there was not. what is the world coming to?

  8. Why would Clinton say he hopes he “finally found peace”? He was not at peace? My first thought was he was told he was under investigation for pedophilia.

  9. murdered young man working for DNC and Bernie supporter downloaded DNC emails then forwarded to wiki leaks. he was shoot down on Dc streets without not so much as an investigation. His Mother is only person who still cares.

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