SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Slays Obama & Brennan With 1 Lethal Tweet

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Robert O’Neill, the Navy Seal who delivered the fatal shots that killed Osama bin Laden, has been growing increasingly frustrated with Barack Obama and John Brennan's attempts to politicize his handiwork and claim the glory for themselves.

Robert O’Neill, the Navy Seal who delivered the fatal shots that killed Osama bin Laden, has been growing increasingly frustrated with Barack Obama and John Brennan’s attempts to politicize his handiwork and claim the glory for themselves.

Earlier this week it all became too much for O’Neill, and the usually reserved military veteran unleashed a lethal tweet that taught Obama and Brennan a lesson they will never forget.

It all began when Ben Rhodes, a cocky Trump-hater who served as Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications, and who famously liked about the Iran nuclear deal, took it upon himself to remind Americans — yet again — that Barack Obama was in the Oval Office when Osama bin Laden was killed.

As Barack Obama watches his legacy getting shredded by President Donald Trump on a daily basis, he is making sure his cohorts like Ben Rhodes remind Americans that he was the one who killed Osama bin Laden.

MadWord reports: Rhodes is also is Barack’s go-to guy when he wants to convey something to the media. So after President Trump revoked the security clearance for Obama’s good buddy John Brennan, who was the main architect of the bogus Russia-Trump investigation, Rhodes went ballistic as the Obama camp sent a message loud and clear.

John Brennan was the point person for the Obama White House on the operation that killed Osama bin Laden. He knows a lot more about defending our nation than someone who uses security clearances to punish his political adversaries,” tweeted Rhodes.

Well, Robert O’Neill, the Navy Seal who delivered the fatal shots that killed Osama bin Laden, didn’t take too kindly to Obama’s henchman politicizing his handiwork. (It also should be noted that military personnel called Osama bin Laden “UBL” which stands for his full name Usama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Ladin.)

It’s widely known that O’Neill is not a fan of the Democratic Party. He is well informed about Obama and Brennan’s roles in sabotaging President Trump using the CIA and the FBI to illegally spy on Trump hoping to thwart the 2016 presidential election, which eventually led to the ridiculous Robert Mueller investigation.

It made O’Neill pissed off when he saw Rhodes’ tweet. The former Navy Seal hero decided if that’s how the Obama camp wants to roll — making it about politics — then he would make it crystal clear who really did kill the most wanted Islamic terrorist in history.

Actually, @brhodes, 23 conservatives went after UBL. No offense, in case you were wondering,” tweeted O’Neill.

Robert O’Neill’s tweet caused a rapid meltdown by the snowflakes who just can’t stand the truth. The 23 conservatives the former Navy Seal is referring to, of course, are those men who actually put their lives on the line on the late-night combat mission on May 1st, 2011. According to the man who shot the most hated terrorist in America, the 23 men were not leftist losers, they were strong patriotic conservatives.

The former Navy Seal who has demonstrated his humility over the years summed it up best. Unlike Rhodes, Obama, and Brennan, with their typical arrogance, O’Neill has a different perspective, as he writes on his website:

During my military career, I was fortunate to serve with the best of the best — people I found to be so much better than me. I pushed myself every day to be every bit as good as they were. Most of those I worked with felt the same way, and together we accomplished some amazing things.

I was part of over 400 combat missions. Although major motion pictures have been made about some of them, our accomplishments never seemed like a big deal to us. I did what the guys next to me, in front of me, and behind me were doing. We all just did what our SEAL training prepared us to do.

During our missions, all I had to do was focus on my job and watch the back of the guy in front of me. I never worried because I knew my teammates were doing the same. I was part of a team that was bigger than any one man. Everything I ever accomplished could have been achieved by one of my teammates.

O’Neill reflects the best of what America has to offer. Humble, courageous, and loyal, he sees himself as part of a team all working to ensure we Americans can live our lives in safety and freedom. On the other hand, we have the swamp dwellers who are currently working to keep their power in Washington, DC at the cost of our freedom and safety.

It’s no secret Rob O’Neill supports President Donald Trump. For all those Trump supporters who daily get grief from the rabid leftists who claim Obama and Brennan are what America needs most, we’ll side with O’Neill and say that’s pure crap.

The president is cleaning up the swamp, and John Brennan just got what he deserved. Trump just flushed him down the drain. We salute Rob O’Neill for speaking up and setting the record straight on Barack Obama and John Brennan, and we thank him and the rest of our military personnel for their dedicated service in keeping America free.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Right on, It takes a patriotic conservative to get the job done. America is tired of the liberal bath boys that claim the glory without ever being in harms way

  2. well now clamming being murderers is a claim to fame .Is that the pilgrims progress?Or is it the resurrection of Barabbas?

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