Angela Merkel Vows To Make European Union Part Of Germany

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Angela Merkel vows to make EU part of Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has vowed to relaunch and reshape the European Union so that it becomes a bigger, greater version of Germany. 

Merkel told voters on her campaign trail that she will work closely with newly elected globalist French President Emmanuel Macron to help her reboot the EU into the type of bloc she has always desired.

Speaking to a crowd of cheering fans, Merkel told supporters that Germany and France will lead the way in creating a new ‘German-centric’ European Union. reports: The Chancellor was speaking in Aachen, where she finished her party’s campaign ahead of the last state election on Sunday before the nationwide vote in September.

The CDU saw a strong surge of support in Germany’s most populous state of North-Rhine Westphalia on Sunday, which is home to one in five German voters and has often been a national trend-setter in elections.

The day after the result, the German leader will meet with Mr Macron, a fellow europhile.

The French president will holds talks with her in Berlin a day after his own inauguration, with the aim of the talks to relaunch the European project.

Mrs Merkel told the audience: “We will do everything not only to help France but also to shape the future European path with France.

“We are happy that Mark Rutte and Emmanuel Macron, people who make efforts for Europe, won their elections.

“We will lead the new European project together and shape its future through our cooperation.”

The pledge to restart and relaunch the European project comes as experts believe the wave of anti-EU populism has peaked.

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